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What Are Your Top 10 Parenting Tips?

We are building a fabulous resource of positive parenting tips, come and join us! We want your top 10 parenting tips - and they don't have to be original - but please say where you got them from and why this tip has been a great one for your family. Your best parenting advice might all come from a fantastic book you have read, or a course you attended. Share your top parenting tips with us all.

Read some of our other parent's contributions below the form, there are some fantastic collections of Top 10 Parenting Tips our readers think are worth passing on.

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Ideas For Your Collection Of Top 10 Parenting Tips

  • Family words of wisdom - maybe your Grandmother had some great positive parenting tips?
  • Tips on parenting from a great book you have read - no copied excerpts, we want your understanding. A short quote is acceptable.
  • What is the best parenting advice you have received?
  • Have you attended any courses that you found inspirational? What did you learn that have been a great parenting tips?
  • As a parent you have loads of wisdom - your experience is priceless - share your best 10 parenting tips with us!
  • Maybe the best parenting advice you ever got was in your anti-natal class? or from your health nurse?
  • There will be heaps of parenting advice you have heard, read, or figured out for yourself and want to pass on.
Now we don't want a list of ten words, we want some detail - tell us about your family and how you put these tips on parenting into practice with your children.

There are some wonderfully inspiring people out there whose tips on parenting really meant a lot to you - so share them with us here and lets create a wonderful selection for parents to browse when they need to find some of the best parenting advice around!

Please give us the name of the book and author if you got your tips from an inspiring book.
Please Note: We don't want copies of their words, we want yours - how you understand it and how it helped your family. A short quote is acceptable but I will be searching to make sure entries are not just copied from a book, and I will not publish your submission.

If you only have one favorite parenting tip - still send it in, as I will collate collections of parenting tips, and your name will be posted below your tip.

I'd love to read yours!

What Are Your Top 10 Parenting Tips?

Tell us what you think are the 10 best tips on parenting. If they come from someone else, please say who, and say why - how your family have applied it.

More Top 10 Parenting Tips

Click below to see contributions from other Parents . . .

Preschooler Tips 
Andrea has sent us in two very cute preschooler tips to use with your children. Magic Fairy Cream If your little child has a sore tummy, ankle, arm …

Healthy Food For Kids 
Parents have to set the tone for healthy eating for kids. If you don't teach them from an early age about good nutrition then they are not going to have …

10 Parenting Tips To Support Your Child’s Learning At Home 
Here are 10 parenting tips to help support your child’s school education, at home. 1. Use their homework as a gauge of where they are, academically. …

Help Your Child Deal With Exam Anxiety 
More and more parents are finding that their children are experiencing high amounts of stress and anxiety at exam time. While a little bit of stress can …

10 Parenting Tips: Be A Role Model For Your Kids 
My 10 Parenting Tips are listed in random order: 1. Make them understand that approval is not the same as love and vice versa. For example, I may …

How To Be An Awesome Parent 
Here are my Top 10 Parenting Tips to be the person in your child's life that is a positive influence: 1. Be happy! Children are influenced by how …

No Perfect Tips On Parenting 
There is no 'perfect' parent and so no 'perfect tips on parenting either! Each one may work in one situation, but it may backfire in another situation. …

Bill's Parenting Tips: The No Response Response 
1. When a child whines about something, do not respond for a while. After a reasonable tolerance period (yours not the child's), say, "I don't understand …

Top 10 Parenting Tips - Part 2 
Here are 10 more tips that I learned from my parents. My parents were not perfect people. They had their weaknesses like all humans have. But overall, …

Top 10 parenting tips 
Here are 10 tips I learned from my parents practically: 1. Show compassion towards your children when they fail: Our parents never put pressure …

Recalling Some Sweet Memories For Top 10 Parenting Tips :) 
I have two daughters both in their late teens and whenever I see their mature gestures and profound sweetness and politeness I look back, wondering what …

Top Ten Parenting Tips In No Specific Order... 
1. Documentation:You never know if the littlest piece of information could be useful for a doctor's visit or the child's first day of pre-school. …

10 Parenting Tips From Our Readers 
This is a collection of 10 Parenting Tips submitted in ones and twos by various parents. If you don't have a 10 parenting tips, feel free to just submit …

Being The Best Parents And Raising The Best Children 
The sense of responsibility that overwhelms parents even before the baby is born is an indication of the desire of the parents to be the best for their …

Communication Parenting Tips – Get Your Kids to Do What You Want! 
1. Make it easy for your kids to understand what you actually want them to do. How? TELL THEM what you want, rather than what you don’t want! I …

From Cradle to the Gray. 
1. From the highchair to teenager eat at the kitchen table together. No TV on, no radio, no noise. It's quiet. Now just talk about your day to one …

Best Parenting Tips 
1. No parent is perfect- if someone claims to be perfect put in earplugs and ignore. 2. Get yourself a doorbell you can unplug. It costs less than …

Good luck With That - Tips On Parenting 
1) Split The Kids Up: If possible, each child should have his own room with his own toys in it. When the children squabble, no matter who started …

Positive Parenting Tips 
1. Give your children quantity and quality time. When you spend time with your kids, try to engage them in meaningful conversations. Try to build fun …

Best Parenting Tip? Throw Your Rule Book Away 
1. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Everyone will tell you this, but nobody ever does it. If you ask any parent, "what advice do you wish you had taken?", …

Top 10 Parenting Tips From My Collection 
I collect quotes and tips but it is really hard to decide which is my Top 10 Parenting Tips . I selected parenting tips or quotes that tend to be good …

My Parenting Tips 
1. Always love your kids no matter what. 2. Spend as much time with them as you can because they grow up too fast. 3. When they need help always …

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