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8 month old baby not sleeping through the night

by Tanya Walker-Brown
(Brecon, Powys, Wales. G.B)

Hi Annie

My 8 month old daughter is not sleeping through the night and I am most often suffering from sleep deprivation. Having moved house 4 months ago and then teething and flu, admittedly many things have got in the way of her feeling settled. She is a happy, sociable baby, even after having weaned her from her dummy, but this didnt seem to be the problem after all. I am a follower of Law of attraction, and have visualised and felt what it would be like to have her sleep through but as yet, has not come to fruition. I am resigned to it not working in this area.

I have a routine for her in the day but in the evening have succumbed to her co sleeping with us, orginally as she was finding it hard to breathe with flu and I wanted to keep her close so now she is used to sleeping with us although I dont get much sleep?

Any Law of attraction parenting tips? I could do with some sleep but also want her to feel safe and content and do not want to do a cold crying method.

Thanks in anticipation!

Tanya Walker-Brown - Mid Wales

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Baby Not Sleeping - Part One
by: Annie Desantis

Hi Tanya,

Getting Babies to sleep is one of those BIG issues for parents. Somehow we think babies are supposed to sleep all through the night. But guess what? Not that many do. Or if they do it may only be 75% of the time.

Personally I can't cope with the crying to sleep either, but there is a difference between a grizzle and a bit of a tantrum and a distressed baby. At eight months I wouldn't be too quick to put pressure on her, she is still pretty young, and you are her world. Until she is ready to trust that you are coming back, that she isn't alone, that she can be safe and comfortable on her own, then I would not be worried about trying to Train her to sleep.

Having said that, setting up routines now, does set the scene for when she gets older. So if you have a nap-time routine in the day that she is used to, do that at night. Have quiet loving bedtime routines, and a few key phrases that you say when she is sleepy or it is bedtime. You can then murmur those phrases again in the night to sooth her.

If you are not happy having her in the bed with you, you can put her cot next to the bed so she gets used to her own bed space. Then later you can move that into another room.

Every family has to find what works, and every family has different ideas about what they are happy with. Many parents love having the babies and young children co-sleeping, and many parents want their own bed-space and privacy. So do what works for you, don't let anyone dictate what you should be doing. (Or tell you she SHOULD be sleeping through the night!)

Part Two Follows . . . .

Baby Not Sleeping - Part Two
by: Annie Desantis

Part Two . . . .

I know it is really hard to when you are tired to focus on anything other than wishing you could just get a good night's sleep! Well done for visualizing her sleeping through, building a vision of what you want is a good thing to do.

However, I am going to suggest you try to let go the whole thing about wanting her to sleep through the night.

Some ideas to play with:

Firstly, focus on YOU sleeping through the night. Can you take turns with your partner so you get a couple of nights a week in another room with earplugs so you get a good nights sleep?

Be creative about getting sleep at other times:

Maybe on the weekend, can he let you sleep in?

Take naps in the day when your daughter does.

Do you have family around that can take her during the day for a couple of hours so you can nap?

See if you can relax a bit about being woken, and change the picture/story you are telling yourself when she wakes. Instead of, Oh no, I'm so tired, I just wish she would let me sleep, focus on how much you love her, how cute she is, how yummy she smells. Surround her with love and joy, knowing this precious time is really very short (even tho if feels like you will never get a whole nights sleep ever again!)

The more she picks up on your frustration and exhaustion then the more she feels unsettled and wakes to check you are really there for her.

If you can turn your attention to feeling good, rather than her having to change (sleep) for you to feel good (not tired!) then you shift the energy. Babies are incredibly sensitive to energy, particularly Mum's. So in a way, she is also a little barometer for you. If she is grumpy and wakeful, check how you are feeling - is she picking up on your exhaustion and irritation?

She will eventually sleep through the night on a regular basis (neither of mine did until about two!) so just keep focusing on what is wonderful and special about having this gorgeous wee girl in your life and enjoy every moment.

She is so blessed to have parents who are aware of the power in the Law of Attraction - what a wonderful start in life she has.

Wishing you JOY,
Annie Desantis

8 month old not sleeping
by: Tanya Walker-Brown

Hi Annie

Thanks so much for your rapid response! Beautifully written and very helpful. Will take on your suggestions and agree that if I'm anxious it certainly impacts her. Am giving up being obsessed that she HAS to sleep or I will collapse in a heap and instead will be taking a more gradual, present approach.

Many thanks and best wishes for your response and will keep you posted!


by: Annie Desantis

Hi Tanya,

Thanks for your lovely comment! You are right, in just trying to stay present and try not to get into struggle with the whole sleeping thing. Not always easy when you are feeling tired!

All the best with your little one,

Annie D

Shifting Sleep Habits
by: Tera Maxwell

Thanks Annie for this website. It's wonderfully organized.

I have a 2 month old, my 3rd child, and I was determined to have a different sleeping experience than my first two. Certainly, setting intention helps. But also, energy work has been an awesome tool. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a free technique to use. Calyco Healing is even faster.

My daughter is not yet sleeping though the night, but she is sleeping on her own on her mattress. I put her down while she is awake and she falls asleep. That is a miracle in our household. Clearing the subconscious beliefs (probably energy transferred from me) really helped.

Another idea: write a letter to your angels or journal the night before about what you want to create. Write it in present tense. Put your emotions behind it as if it has already happened.

Have faith! It will happen.


Lovely Answer
by: Kat

I really love the answer to this post too as my baby (2nd child) is nearly 1 and has consistently woken 2-3 times per night and once baby arrived my eldest started waking in the night also.

My partner works long hours and can't help and my family don't offer much support. All year I've been woken 5-6 times per night and I'm exhausted.

My question is how to deal with the irritation I feel. I laughingly said that during the day I love and adore my boys but during the night I hate them.

I long for sleep and have tried gratitude for the sleep I am getting and having a vision if what I truly want that I focus in often. But in my sleep deprived state the irritation I feel is intense!

What is the calyco healing technique? Would that work?

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