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Activities For Two & Four Year Old Kids

by Sarah Smith
(Moorseville, NC)

Hi, Annie, it's Sarah again.

Do you know of any free activities that I can get my 2 and 4 year old into outside of home?

I really want my kids to do things and have more of an exciting life. I don't like that they are home most of the time. I want them to get used to being around other children.

I would appreciate the help. Thank you so much for answering my other questions.

Annie's Adventure Ideas

Hi Sarah,
I live in Australia so I have no idea what specifically would be available in your area, but here's some ideas to get you started.

Getting to meet other Moms with children is a really good way to start kids socializing more and learning to play with other kids. There is sure to be some playgroups in your area, where kids can play with various activities, and the Mom's stay and supervise. It also gives you a great opportunity to talk with other Mom's and get ideas how they deal with stuff. However there usually is a small charge involved.

The library is another place that often has activities for pre-schoolers. Rhyme Time is run worldwide - or something similar, where someone does lots of songs and rhyming games with the children, and Parents join in. Our local library also has book reading days, Author launches etc. If you go regularly you will start to see the same Mom's and can strike up friendships etc, then can start doing play dates with other children.

Check our your local council, I know ours runs regular events throughout the year, particularly in summer, where families can go and be entertained in various ways. Kids are very quick to meet up with other children in public places, and will soon be running around chasing each other or dancing if there is music.

More Ideas below in the comments . . .

Comments for Activities For Two & Four Year Old Kids

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Fun Ideas For Kids
by: Annie Desantis

Visit your local park, again often the same parents will be there and you can start to get to know their children. If you take a ball or a game that can involve other kids you can invite them to join in.

You can even take some big sheets of paper and some glue and do a collecting day. Other kids can join in too, collecting leaves, bits of rubbish, flowers etc and then gluing a collage on the sheets of paper. Or you can come home and do the gluing.

Collecting Trips

Going on a collecting trip is lots of fun. Don't take bikes or scooters - kids take off and you miss loads of opportunities for talking and noticing things. Make ride time a different activity. Just wander around the neighborhood discovering things. Point out pretty flowers, Statues in people's gardens, look for insects, seedpods, dinosaurs. Make a point of talking to everyone you come across, you will be surprised what they will learn and who they will meet. An elderly person planting flower seedlings, someone with a dog. You can play Spotto: "find something pink, find something round. How many blue cars can you see? Don't step on any cracks, count the letterboxes."

The world is an exciting place when you are little, you don't need huge activities for kids to learn, grow, have fun. Look at your street with new eyes, we tend to rush around oblivious to the world around us, but there are loads of opportunities for interesting conversations and experiences for them right under your nose.

I have just come back from the UK visiting my grandchildren, and one of the things I do a lot with them is pack a little snack, maybe some bread to feed the ducks, and go exploring. Lyla and I stopped and watched a crane shift loads into a construction site, we talked about the truck and what the men were doing. She was mesmerized for nearly an hour. At the end one of the workers came over and gave her a safety vest which she proudly wore all the way home. You don't have to have a purpose in your wanderings, make it an adventure and just explore what ever appears.

Monster Hunting

Go monster hunting! Help them to develop their imagination, look for pretend monsters or dinosaurs. Play hide and seek, and you can involve other children at the park too.

We have loads of Art Activities on our site that parents have submitted, and many of these can be done outside or at the park, if you take along plenty of supplies and encourage other kids to join in you will be surrounded in no time!

More Ideas To Follow . . .

Fun Ideas For Kids - More Comments
by: Annie Desantis

Local Events Or Clubs

Check out what is on in your area each weekend, local papers advertise things, there might be a school fair, a history group display, a sporting event. The key with children is give them heaps of different experiences. That gives them lots to talk about and you can do follow up activities. We visited a historical site, then at home made some of the food from the 'Olden Days', the kids drew pictures, and there were endless conversations about how people lived hundreds of years ago.

If there is a museum in your area there will be heaps of weird and wonderful things on display, and often they will have an activity sheet for kids, or you can think up your own.

Ask Loads Of Questions

Asking kids questions is a great way to stimulate their thinking.
"How do you think they did this? What might happen if we tried this? What can you see that . . . How many . . . .?"

Of course one of the biggest benefits to all these kind of things is getting your undivided attention. At home we are often rushing around doing chores and only half-hardheartedly pay attention to our kids - and often when they do something wrong! When you are going out on an adventure, then your kids have your undivided attention, and you can follow along with their energy.

You can set tasks for your four year old, that are more challenging and help to keep him busy while the little one catches up. Since he is a pretty high energy child, then keep him busy bringing back things - we need 6 tiny leaves . . . find me 4 sticks that will fit in the collection bag. Run to that tree and back and I'll time you. Hop on one foot to the next lamppost.

Meet The Neighbors

We tend to live fairly isolated lives, many people don't even know their neighbors. Hold a street or park party, put notices in letterboxes advertising a kite day or bike parade at the park. If you take the initiative to organize something you will be surprised who you will meet. It doesn't have to be a big deal.

We had a young family move into our area and I was impressed at how quickly they got to know everyone. They held a morning tea to meet the neighbors, and just asked for everyone to bring something to share. They soon became the social hub of the community!

You could just target houses that you know have children - invite several of them over for a coffee/play morning.

The other thing that will help you to find things that are happening in your area, is Facebook. Loads of local communities have their own Facebook page, or special interest groups will. Just search using keywords that apply to your area and see what pops up.

Good Luck Sarah, hopefully other parents will pop up their ideas via the comments too.
Annie D :)

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