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Art Activities For Children

We are collecting all your favorite art activities for children in this section of our website. There are loads of fabulous ideas that our readers have sent in to give you lots of inspiration when you want to do some art or craft activities with your kids.

Share Your Favorite Creative Activities For Children Here

What art activities have you tried that your kids loved? Are you looking for some great crafts for children to do? Sometimes seasonal activities make a really good focus, such as Christmas, Easter, or Halloween. But also think of seasons, topic areas such as activities revolving around nature, animals or insects.

Anything can become an art activity - whatever your child is interested in, can be extended by including a creative component. They can do collages or montages of their favorite topics, they can learn heaps about observation by watching the light filter through trees, you can look for shapes and patterns when taking a walk in the park.

Take a bag and go on a collecting walk, gathering up found objects, seeds, flowers and leaves. There are so many different art projects you do with your children when you get home.

We'd love to see creative activities for young children right through to crafts for older children, so please share your ideas.

All the submitted art or crafts for children are linked under the form, so scroll down to get some inspiration. We'd love you to come back and comment if you try some of these great activities, and I'd love to see your photos.

Many kids camps offer art programs as well as lots of adventure activities. What a great way to keep your kids busy over the holidays.

Share Your Art Activites For Children Here!

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More Art Activities For Children

Click the links below to read submissions from other parents. Feel free to comment or ask questions about their art activities for children.

Report back after you try one of them, we'd love to hear your thoughts!

I always ask my grandchildren to draw me something, anything and they seem to want to do it every time. I post their drawings on the inside and outside …

My Daughter's Various Art Activities 
My daughter name is Anushka Udeshni. She is a Medical student. I realized that she had a great talent for art. Therefore I bought whatever she acquired …

Masks For Kids 
Our craft projects for children often ends up making masks for kids because I collect masks. Whenever I travel, I try to find a mask to bring home to add …

Crafts For Preschoolers 
Little Kid Crafts For All Seasons I've found a lot of books of crafts for preschoolers contain activities that are way too hard for them, and …

Contest Is Finished
But We Still Want More Art Activities For Children!
Thank You to everyone who entered our art activities for children contest, there are some lovely ideas. Congratulations to Olivia From San Fransisco …

Fruit Bowl 
This was actually something my Mother helped us with for a school Project. Get a pack of colored construction paper. Cut out a bowl form, and glue it …

Painting Activities 
There is a lot of variations you can do with paint as an art activity for children, I'll list some below. Hand Prints Kids love a record of their …

Modelling Clay 
Modeling Clay My daughter loves using modeling clay, and we try to keep her well supplied! We have tried all sorts, such as Fimo and Sculpty, …

Painted Glass Bowls 
Paint Glass Bowls - Activity For Children This is a great art activity, my sister got my kids a fantastic kit-set for Christmas that was 2 clear …

Chalk Drawing Art Activity For Children 
My nephew came to visit us from Vietnam, and as it is very hot there and he lives in an apartment, it is difficult to play outside. This is a very simple …

Tissue Paper Pictures 
I bought all different colors of tissue paper and cut it into 1 inch x 1 inch squares. I gave the kids construction paper to use as the background and …

Ink Blots 
We take food coloring and sprinkle a few drops on a piece of blank white paper. We then fold it over and smooth it out with our hands. Then we …

Art Academy for Nintendo DS 
Art Academy I think anyone who has children should try this. The game "ART Academy" for Nintendo DS/DSI is amazing. I am already …

Making Homemade Soap – Cupcake Soaps - Art Activities for Children 
A unique and fun art activity for children is making homemade soap. There are lots of different ways to handcraft soap but the key is finding a way in …

Mosaic Art - For Ages 8 And Up 
While looking for an art activity among the supplies and kits on offer at the local dollar store, we came across all the equipment and supplies required …

Sidewalk Water Painting 
When I taught kindergarten and the weather was hot, I'd take the children outdoors with a pail of water and a paintbrush to draw pictures on the sidewalk. …

Art From Nature 
We make lots of art from things we have collected in nature. It also means the kids have a record of trips they have been on, or adventures they have had. …

Paper Plate Wall Hanging 
My 6 year old granddaughter never gets tired of making these: You will need: One dessert size paper plate Enough paper, colored foil or fabric …

Painting Outside - Art Activites For Young Children 
When my little grand-daughter Mia came visited just after Christmas last year, we had wonderful fun doing all sorts of art activities. This photo shows …

Click here to write your own.

Easter Activities For Children You will find lots of crafts for children here, that can be done at anytime, not just Easter! Some of these also make great Christmas activities for children too.

You may find more art activities for children in our homeschooling activities section

This is a fantastic collection of creative activities for young children, you will keep them amused for hours as well as teaching them many valuable skills.

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