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Baby Not Babbling At Six Months

My six months old baby does not babble yet, but she does makes sounds that can be felt in throat (vibrating sounds). She sometimes shrieks and smiles a lot.

She rolls over, is attempting to sit, can be on all fours and reaches out to grab toys (mainly in bold colors). She hears sounds of rattles and responds to them by turning in the direction of sound, she stops crying when we divert her attention by shaking a rattle (she can not see rattle when we are shaking it as her eyes are closed while crying, but she hears the sound and stops crying to see where the sound is coming from).

But she rarely responds to human voice, we keep calling her name but she does not respond to human voice (which she did earlier). Sometimes, we feel she is hearing human voice but is not responding as she is busy with a toy or is busy examining the room/ her hands/clothes.

When I call at home from office and her Dad puts me on speaker phone, she instantly gets attracted to my voice, but would not respond when I am talking to her face to face. We had her checked for ear infection, she has none....her audiologist suggests that she is hearing okay, but we are worried as she is not making any "sounds" yet, just vibrating sounds "aaaaaaa" that are felt in the throat.

Is she okay?

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6 Month Baby Socialization - Part One
by: Annie Desantis

Hello, Thanks for your question, and yes, your baby is perfectly OK - in fact she is fairly advanced in some of her other activities. But all those milestones we talk about are just guidelines - babies take their own time to reach each stage, and unfortunately many of these guidelines cause stress for parents thinking their child is not developing normally.

Our baby development page gives an overview of these milestones, but please don't take it that if your child is not doing everything by a certain time there is something wrong with her.

I suspect you have been looking at autism indicators - but it is way too soon to be concerned about that. If your little girl is not babbling by 12 months, AND there were other indicators then it might be time to check things out.

You have tested her hearing, and that is always a good thing to do to put your mind at rest if you think a child may not be hearing well. But it sounds to me that she is responding to stimulus and is taking everything in. The fact that she can be diverted with a rattle when crying, is a great indication that she is very alert and responsive. I have seen many many babies who will not respond at all to any kind of diversion when they are crying!

Part Two Follows . . .

6 Month Baby Socialization - Part Two
by: Annie Desantis

It sounds like you are doing lots to stimulate and interact with your little girl, and certainly lots of talking and eye contact and smiley games, playing boo - are all great ways to help her develop social interaction.

I know of one young Mom who wondered why her first little boy took so long to start talking, and when she looked back, she realized she rarely talked to him, she cuddled him, breastfed, spent a lot of time with him, but rarely talked to him. We are our child's best toy! Rattles, books and squeaky toys are good tools too, but interaction with Mom and Dad and lots of other people in their lives are absolutely the best thing we can do with a baby. (Actually any age!)

Talking and showing her things, even just mundane talking about what you are doing as you go round the house, all helps language development. Often when we are on our own in the daytime with a baby - and no other older preschooler around - we can put baby down to play happily on a mat with toys etc. So they do lots to develop physical co-ordination and motor functions, but it might be that we only talk to them when they are crying or when we are feeding them.

There is always lots to do keeping a household functioning, and when baby seems to be happily playing, we tend to want to get on with other chores. But it is also important to be interacting while baby is playing - so spend some of the time on the floor with her, putting things just out of reach, encouraging her to stretch, and pulling funny faces. Sing with her, talk out loud as you wash the dishes or prepare a meal, pop her in her high chair and give her a carrot and a spoon to bang.

The more we interact and involve our babies in the nuts and bolts of life, and talk and interact with them, the more we are giving them both social interaction, but also we are aiding language development.

It may well be that your child will be more physically active and take a little longer to talk - ask your parents when both of you reached milestones. My two little grand daughters are very different. The eldest is a little chatterbox, the youngest sits back and watches everything but takes her time before she speaks.

I am sure your little girl is just fine, just relax and enjoy her and have as much fun as you can, this age goes incredibly quickly!

Feel free to comment back or ask any further questions,
all the best,

Annie D :)

Thanks For Replying
by: Anonymous

Thanks for replying Annie. My baby smiles when she is playful. The only cause of worry is that she does not turn around to notice where the voice is coming from when we are talking. She rarely responds to human voice.

I am not even worried about autism because she likes our company and smiles a lot with the silly games we play with her. Concern is not that she does not respond to human voice (our Pediatrician says it could be a mood swing) and also is not babbling, just making "vibrating" sounds from the throat.

Is this behaviour okay?

6 Month Baby Noises
by: Annie Desantis

I am sure you will find in a few months she will be making all sorts of new noises. The vibrating noise is simply the noise she can make at this stage. It takes a while for them to even figure out they are in control of their sounds, and can surprise themselves with making squealing sounds etc.

It sounds like she may just be absorbed in whatever she is concentrating on, and doesn't respond to you calling, simply because she is intently focusing. I am not sure what your Pediatrician meant about it being a mood thing, but when you think about it, a baby is literally bombarded with new experiences all the time. Their little brains have to work pretty hard to process it all, and build the neural pathways that develop cognition, language and motor control.

You have had her hearing tested, and that should take care of any concerns that she actually can't hear you, and if she is responding when you are playing and she is focusing on you, then it sounds to me like she is perfectly fine.

Some babies seem to have super sensitive hearing and can jerk at every little noise - which can be difficult to get them off to sleep as they want to be in on everything!

Other babies are much more chilled out and are absorbing the world quietly in other ways.

My two children were totally different as babies - one very alert, noisy and on the go, and the other quiet, took longer to talk, and more passive.

It sounds like you are doing all the right things in terms of lots of play and interaction, you have checked out any medical concerns, so just relax and enjoy her, I am sure she will be a chatterbox in a couple of years!
all the best,
Annie D :)

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