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What Are The Best Educational Toys?

Evaluating the best educational toys for children can be a challenge. As a Parent Coach, I have developed my own criteria for evaluating an educational learning toy, which you can read below. Further down the page, you can read and contribute to our parent reviews of what they consider are the best toys. After all, you have the ideal testing ground at home!

In the right hand column, you'll find links to other Toy Review categories. More are being added all the time, so pop on back or join our newsletter to be informed about new reviews.

Jump down the page to tell us what you think are the best educational toys for children and read, comment and rate educational toy and game reviews from other parents.

Toys To Stimulate A Child's Imagination Really any toy could be classed as an educational toy or game, as children learn through play, and anything is a learning opportunity when you are small. The way we are marketed to by toy companies probably has a lot to do with how toys are classified but Parents want to know what is best for their child's development at each age.

My criteria for evaluating the best educational toys is below, but of course it may be different for each family. Cost is often a big factor for families, and the best educational toys are often more expensive because they are made from sturdier materials, and some may even be hand made. I have not factored in a cost structure to my criteria, as my thinking is it is better to buy one really good educational learning toy, than half a dozen junk toys. I do keep my eyes out for ways you can purchase an educational toy and game at a discount, or on Auctions, either new or second hand, so that parents get the best deal. You will find some of the review pages will have prices for you to compare. And of course, keep your eyes on freecycle groups in your area, my daughter in law in London regularly gets some fabulous free toys for the playgroup she runs.

Annie's Criteria For Evaluating The Best Educational Toys

A great educational learning toy may not meet all the criteria, but these are the kinds of questions I ask myself when reviewing toys.
  • Is it FUN? No point in having something kids find boring!
  • Does it have visual appeal? Particularly for younger kids educational toys
  • Does it encourage a physical developmental milestone for a certain aged child? for example, hand eye co-ordination, balance etc
  • Is it non toxic? Particularly for babies toys
  • Does it have an environmental/eco aspect to it? This always earns brownie points with me!
  • Is it robust, will it stand up to normal play?
  • Does this educational toy or game stimulate a child's imagination and curiosity?
  • Does it do something or is it a passive toy? For example, a teddy versus a puzzle
  • Will this toy foster social interaction or development?
  • Does this educational toy explore emotional development?
  • Does this toy help a child to explore intellectual concepts? Math, science, language etc
  • Can this toy extend and challenge the child's skills?
  • Is this an educational toy that will grow with the child? For example simple large block Duplo Lego teaches hand eye co-ordination and physical manipulation for a preschooler, and Lego for older children can move into far more complex engineering, math and structural skills.
  • Can this toy educate children about social values or issues?

Educational Learning Toys:
For All Areas of Play

Children need access to a wide range of educational learning toys, to stimulate different developmental areas. There has often been criticism about the gender bias of toys, where boys are encouraged to play with outdoor toys that facilitate physical development and girls encouraged to play with toys that foster social development. So just be aware that you are providing a balance of toys that span all areas of play.
best educational toy tipDid you know, teenage girls can be less competent with some math activities if they had very little physical climbing and big spacial activities as a preschooler? They need the physical experiences for their brain to develop the neural pathways for more complex math ability.
Toys and Types Of Play To Meet Developmental Goals:
  • Manipulative Toys - puzzles, posting toys, activity centres
  • Construction Toys - blocks, Lego, Zoob, K'nex, then more complex engineering toys for older kids
  • Music - songs, nursery rhymes, musical instruments, a wide range of music genres, concerts, dance
  • Imaginative or role play - dress ups, role play with toys, occupation role play - fireman, doctor, vet etc. Put on plays, Go to the theatre, Movies
  • Outdoors - sand pits, water play, bikes, scooters and skateboards, climbing frames, ropes, ball skills, organized sports
  • Household toys, pretend (or real) baking, shopping, cleaning, tools to fix things. Kids start out pretending as a preschooler, then move into real cooking (and hopefully cleaning!)
  • Toys that represent real things, like people, cars, trains, teasets, animals
  • Books Books and more books! - see our list of children's book reviews
  • Creative artistic expression: paint, finger paint, glue and collage activities, crayons, felt pens
  • Play Dough or clay activities
  • Science - experiments
  • Nature - insects, animals, outdoors, learning about how things grow, where food comes from
  • Geography - The Earth - crystals and rock samples, volcanoes, weather, tides, global warming

What Do You Think Are
The Best Educational Toys?

Pop up a review of which you think are the best educational toys - what toys did your kids love? We'd also love your feedback - do you agree with our reviewers? Or just as importantly, disagree? We want to know what you think!

Help us to give Parents some feedback for making good choices when choosing the best educational toys or games for their kids.

Educational Toy and Game Reviews From Parents

Share your best educational toys or Games with other parents. Which toys do you think have been the best for your children? Any tips for buying educational learning toys? Read, comment and rate other toy reviews.

Your Best Educational Toys - Reviews and Comments

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Child Development

Visit our child development pages to learn more about how your child is learning and what you can expect for each stage of development.

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Educational Toys:
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We'll be adding new review pages all the time, but most importantly, your opinions would be fantastic!

Sharing your ideas about great educational learning toys for Kids is the best way to evaluate toys and games.

There are heaps of review pages, below are some of the links to help direct you to what you are most interested in.

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You can also submit your own review from this page.

Educational Toys For Babies
Educational Infant Toys
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Toddler Educational Toys
Educational Toys For Preschoolers
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Below you will find all the links to reviews about various Leapfrog learning toys, deciding which toy is not easy!

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Learning Games For Teenagers
We need your help!
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