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Child Education: What's Important?

Child Education - What's Important? Child Education is not just about schooling. Children + Learning = life! Everything is education as a child, and indeed learning should still be a major part of our lives as adults too. Schooling takes up a huge part of childhood, and to some extent I think our education systems are getting it wrong.

So what is really important? There are a number of articles below that I think have a better focus when it comes to child education, so you might need to be a little open minded here!

Reading Is Essential To Children Learning

Children need to learn to read. If you can read you can find out anything. And that begins with parents reading to their children, from as young as possible.
The Importance of Reading is an article talking about how important it is to read to children as a foundation for a child's education. With lots of ideas and tips to encourage a love of reading, you will find this page really helpful.

Teaching children to read is the next block in our foundation, it really is such a fundamental skill that we need to make fun, to instil a love of books, and to encourage our children to research and read a wide variety of texts. This article gives you loads of ideas as a parent for helping your child learn to read, and just how important it is for good child education.

three tips to help teach children to read. This is a guest article from a parent/expert who has taught his young children to read as two year old! Not just learning to recognize flash cards - which is not real reading - but to understand how to sound out a word and figure it out. There is a very cute video of his kids learning. Just goes to show, never too young to read!

Our Children's Book Review Pages have heaps of reviews from parents, authors and experts who have complied a list of children's books that will inspire and instill a love of reading into your child. And you can add to the list, there is a form down the bottom to submit your own review. There are some fabulous children's books out there, so tell us about your favorite child's book.

Parenting Book Reviews are our pages where you can review your favorite parenting books, or read what others, including me have recommended. Many of the experts in these books have some important thoughts on child education that might open your eyes a little.

Isn't School Important For A Child's Education?

Yes and No! Sadly our education system has way too much emphasis on test scores and exam results. Yes, children need to learn to read and write - or actually typing would be more relevant these days! And some math is helpful but the majority of us have never had any use for algebra so unless a child has aptitude in those areas I question the value of it.

Children Learning I am married to a school teacher, so I see the inside of the Australian and New Zealand State School systems from a slightly different perspective. I believe our education systems are letting our kids down. Why? Because it is based on an outdated model that does not bear much relevance in today's fast paced world. The world will be very different by the time our kids graduate so one of the most important skills they need is the ability to research. Do they need to go to school for that piece of child education? No! But what they do need to go to school for, or have some good alternative options, is socialization.

We need to learn to get along with others, work in teams, and solve problems. Our competitive structure in schools does very little to promote these kinds of skills. Are our kids taught good listening skills? Are they taught conflict resolution? Are they taught to negotiate? Are they taught empathy? Sadly, very little, or only in a peripheral way.

Our Homeschooling pages discuss the advantage of homeschooling, or thoughts about child education from home. It is not for everyone, it requires a great deal of commitment from parents, and economically it may simply not be an option.

Unschooling is an even more radical approach to child education, which generally does not use a curriculum at all, and focuses on child centered education. With easy access to the Internet now, there are many more choices available to parents when it comes to having more control over your child's education, and a wealth of support and resources.

Questions And Answers On The Pros And Cons Of Homeschooling
Visit here to ask questions or share your experience if you have tried homeschooling, or share your thoughts - you can even tell us you hate the idea - open discussion is very valuable for other parents.

Child Centered Education

I am pretty passionate about empowering children to learn, and the best way we can do that is to follow their interests. This doesn't mean a parent has to put huge amounts of time into planning or setting up activities. Whether your child ends up going to a conventional school or is homeschooled, every day live is a wealth of learning opportunities, that can be far more exciting and fun than sitting in a classroom for most of the day.

family fun Get kids outside to explore the neighborhood. That covers physical activity, nature study, history of your area, people and cultures, community involvement - the list is endless. Even the back garden will have masses of opportunities for a child to learn - an insect count, growing veges, building a cubby house, learning to maintain a bike - get the idea? It is all about getting involved with our kids, and also including them in the things we are doing, rather than having them sit passively in front of TV. Kids can learn to cook from a very young age - that is nutrition, food groups, measuring and weighing, reading recipes, kitchen safety, and lots of fun!

Schools are simply not able to do enough of a balance of creative activities - with a large group of children, a teacher spends a great deal of time on classroom management, and has very little time for one on one attention. Kids absolutely flourish in small groups or with individual attention. So this is something you can do at home to give them a better balance.

Art Activities For Kids has heaps of pages of ideas for art or craft based activities you can do to give a broad child education. And our Homeschooling Activities pages have plenty of activities you can do with your children regardless whether or not you ever homeschool.

If you have any questions you'd like to ask me about child education, please click on the Ask Annie Link and I am happy to give you some personal parenting advice. Schooling and a child's education is something many parents are very concerned about, and you will find other questions from parents about their child's education on our parenting questions page.

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I think there's too much emphasis placed on learning things by rote that you don't really care about. So what happens to students in school is that they eventually lose interest in learning, because they've been forced to learn the required courses, rather than pursing their passion.

Jack Canfield - Author: Chicken Soup For The Soul


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