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Free Gifts or Bonuses

There are two products you can use as either pre-selling gifts, or as bonuses, one an e-book, the other an audio coaching MP3. Below you will find the links, images, and a promotional email you can use. Feel free to re-write any of the emails, they are suggestions only to save you time, but your subscribers know your voice, so something written by you personally will be more effective if you have time. If you are using the products as bonuses you will find the description on the actual page.

Free ebook: Manifesto For Inspired Parents Gift One Parenting e-book: Manifesto For Inspired Parents: Vol 1
Code For Text Link:
Manifesto For Inspired Parents: Vol 1

Code For Image Only

Code For Text and Image

Email Copy For Manifesto For Inspired Parents:

Possible Subject lines Manifesto for Inspired Parents

[first name], A Great Parenting Gift For You

Over 50 Tips For Raising Kids

Parenting Coach Tips - FR*EE

Hi [firstname]

I am so excited, my friend Annie Desantis, a foremost Parenting Expert, is giving away a few copies of one of her e-books: Manifesto for Inspired Parents: Raising Happy, Inspirational Kids

Download Your Copy Here Manifesto For Inspired Parents: Vol 1 [GET CODE FROM TEXT LINK ABOVE]

WOW, this e-book has over 50 tips for parents!

Written in collaboration with a leading Pediatrician, these tips are even developmentally coded!

Annie Desantis is a Parenting Coach who works with thousands of Parents round the world. Getting tips for her is worth GOLD!

Download Your Copy Here Manifesto For Inspired Parents: Vol 1 [GET CODE FROM TEXT LINK ABOVE]

P.S. I don't know how long Annie will have this link up, so get your copy now before they run out!
Download Your Copy Here Manifesto For Inspired Parents: Vol 1 [GET CODE FROM TEXT LINK ABOVE]

Parent Coaching Audio Gift Two: MP3 Parent Coaching Audio.
Code For Text Link:
Connected Parents: Connected Kids - MP3 Audio

Code For Image Only

Code For Text and Image

Email Copy for Parent Coaching Audio:

Possible Subject Lines:

Parent Coach Gives Away MP3 Coaching

Parent Coaching Audio Fr*ee

Connected Parents = Connected Kids MP3

Mad Mind Munchkin

Hi [Firstname]

Did you know you have a little mad mind munchkin?

Neither did I! But Parent Coach Annie Desantis tells us how our mind munchkin trips us up when we are stressed or out of sync.

Her Parent Coaching Audio, Connected Parents: Connected Kids is yours to download.

Download Your Copy Here: Connected Parents: Connected Kids - MP3 Audio. [GET CODE FROM TEXT LINK ABOVE]

Totally Fr*ee!

Annie's little pearls of wisdom often get me back on track when there seems too much to do.

Kids to school, washing, work, groceries, There just never seems to be enough time!

Check this out now, keep yourself connected.

Download Your Copy Here: Connected Parents: Connected Kids - MP3 Audio. [GET CODE FROM TEXT LINK ABOVE]


P.S. What's your mad mind munchkin say?

Connected Parents: Connected Kids - MP3 Audio [GET CODE FROM TEXT LINK ABOVE]

Any questions (or ideas!), don't hesitate to Contact Me

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