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by Phillip Stacy
(Jacksonville, Fl 32217)

Computers For Kids - Essential Learning Tool?

Computers For Kids - Essential Learning Tool?

Parent Reviews:
Computer Games For Kids
And Electronic Learning Toys

Our Parents review computer games for kids, electronic learning toys, and other tech orientated educational learning toys. What do you think? We'd love your opinion too!

Computers For Kids
by Phillip

The best learning tool is a Computer, it is a gateway to many things.

Apart from assisting with school work, a computer means access to instant information, I don't know how many times we have Googled something!

Kids also learn the how tos of actually using a computer - there are many skills involved in using a computer apart from just internet access.

Kids love making PowerPoint displays, writing a journal or using the skills in Word. Making up spreadsheets of science experiments or tracking their veges growing.

Disney and ASUS have designed a laptop for kids aged 6 - 12. With colorful Disney-themed styles, browser, applications and widgets, your child can learn how to use a computer with child friendly software, and secure parental controls.

Fun and intuitive, these laptops come with an 8.9-inch LCD display, built-in wireless Internet connectivity, 5 hours battery life, and the familiar Windows XP Home operating system.

A computer really has to be a basic educational learning toy or tool in every household these days.

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iXL Learning System

by Katrina Bevans
(Everett, WA, USA)

Electronic Learning Toys Are Finding Their Way Into Every Household With Kids!

Electronic Learning Toys Are Finding Their Way Into Every Household With Kids!

Katrina Reviews Fisher Price iXL Electronic Learning Toy

The Fisher-Price iXL is a great way to get your kids learning.

It's a hand held electronic learning toy like the DS only for younger audiences and it's more educational. Kids love them and you'll love what they learn.

What makes it better than other learning systems? It's a digital device so it helps prepare your kids for the electronic world. It's also portable so kids can play with it anywhere and take it with them everywhere.

The system is well worth the price. It serves as a mp3 player, a game system, a photo album, an art studio, a note pad, and a digital reader. With so many different activities your kids will never get bored of learning.

They get to explore their creativity with the art studio in the same device they learn everything from counting to reading and writing. Your young ones will find it so cool to have their own digital device and I guarantee you won't be disappointed with the results.

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by Katherine Hamilton
(Royal Palm Beach, FLORIDA, US.)

Does Your Child Use A Kindle?

Does Your Child Use A Kindle?

Katherine's Daughter Loves Mom's Kindle!

The Kindle is the best educational toy for kids of all ages. But I recommend waiting until your child is at least 6 years old. That is when my daughter picked up mine and because of all the buttons became interested.

So I showed her how the buttons worked and then downloaded a few children's books for her to start with. Now she takes it everywhere with a special pouch we made together.

If you think your kids are too young, just sit down with them for the first few times and you will be happily surprised. She walks around with the Kindle in her homemade pouch showing everyone from Dad to Grandma! She is so proud and I am too. She is reading above her grade level - what Mom wouldn't be proud of that?

Try it and see, The Kindle isn't just a gadget for grownups, it's a fun way for everyone to read. And may I say, many parents of her friends were so impressed, they have purchased one for their kids too.

Happy Holidays, and enjoy.

Annie's Comments

Did you know e-books now outsell paper books? I don't think paper books will disappear, but having access to books instantly, at a much cheaper rate than hard copies, makes Kindles or other e-readers a good option.

Amazon also have a library service, so if you live in USA you can have access to books for a short period of time. Our local library here in Tasmania also has e-lending.

With more and more books becoming available on Kindle, the range of kids stories will increase, and now with colored graphics on the new kindles, it makes for a more attractive option for even preschoolers.

If you are traveling with children, a Kindle is so useful. Having loads of stories available on one device beats lugging books!

But I have to say I LOVE children's books, and many of the features, such as pop ups etc, simply cannot be reproduced electronically. And didgital images of children's stories does not have the same appeal to me.

However, electronic learning toys are more and more interactive, and who knows if the Kindles of the future will incorporate more interactivity?

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E-book Readers for Older Children

by Belinda Sturgill

Should Kids Have Their Own E-Reader?

Should Kids Have Their Own E-Reader?

Belinda Reviews E-Readers For Older Kids

E-book Readers are excellent for boys and girls that like to read.

Reading can change the way a person feels at that time.

Here's an example: many children struggle when it comes to reading; they may become flustered because he has to read it in front of the class.

The great thing about the e-books is that you can incorporate your voice and talk to the children to create memories for the Christmas' to come.

Annie's Comments

It is interesting to watch some of the new research about Kids learning to read. Electronic devices are playing their part helping to teach struggling readers.

Our kids are growing up in a digital age, and many kids respond better to computers than they do books. Using a computer or an electronic learning toy, accesses different part of the brain. It may well be that e-readers will be used more for remedial reading programs as many boys in particular seem to respond better with electronic reading programs, than more traditional methods.

Food for thought? What do you think? - we'd love your opinion!

Visit our pages about teaching children to read for ideas to assist your child's reading.

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V Tech Books For Young Children.

by Belinda Sturgill
(McRoberts, KY. America)

Computer Games For Kids - An Educational Learning Toy

Computer Games For Kids - An Educational Learning Toy

Belinda Reviews V-Tech Books For Preschoolers

V Tech Book Systems are made for small children to learn the basic skills of reading and sounding out words.

It's a wonderful tool for children getting ready for Kindergarten and the first, second, and third graders.

If you want to give your children a push in the right direction, then V- Tech Books are the tools to teach them well - Very Well!

It's amazing how something as simple as this teaching tool can make such a difference in so many young lives.

We need to do everything we can to help our kids learn to read, it is such an important skill to master.

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Vtech - KidiArt Studio

by Mallory Bach
(Wheaton, Illinois)

Encouraging Creativity

Encouraging Creativity

Mallory Reviews The Amazing Kidi Art Studio From V-Tech

Broadcast your brush strokes and your digital artistic skills with the
Vtech - KidiArt Studio TheKidiArt Studio easily connects to your television so little artists can project their creative projects for all to see.

The KidiArt Studio comes with a real digital camera that allows kids to have wacky photo fun. Add digital stamps or funky picture frames, and use the digital camera to make stop-motion animations to really bring the art to life.

Kids can also take basic drawing and art lessons and create a full array of printable arts and crafts creations. Make a family tree using real pictures. Or create a picture from scratch in free play mode.

Also, when in PC connect mode, little artists can save their creations, create custom e-cards for friends and print anything they've made.

So much creative fun!

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Video Games

by Eli Palomares
(Phoenix, AZ, USA)

Mia Playing Wii Games

Mia Playing Wii Games

Eli Recommends Video Games As A Great Educational Toy

Video Games improves hand/body coordination and depending on the game it can improve learning skills.

The difficulty set can challenge the child's mind, is definitely fun, and the variety of games allow for any child's interests, so they will never get bored!

Annie's Thoughts On Video Games:

I have to say, my initial reaction to video games was a bit disapproving, I suppose I have tended to see them as killing or blowing up type games and struggle to see anything educational about them.

But having spent time with my Grand-daughters I can see the value in some of them. Watching Mia play Wii Games with her Father was hilarious. The intense concentration, the coordination and her ability to pick up the requirements astounded me. She was hands down so much better than I was!!

My concern with video games is that kids spend way too much time in front of a screen, and often the video games are aggressive and do nothing to promote peaceful relationships.

Like all activities your children may be involved in, the most important thing is balance, and be involved with your kids as much as possible.

Many games now are interactive and require more than one player with physical movements involved to get kids off the couch.

Do not have war or aggressive video games available for children OR teenagers, there are loads of interesting games aimed at kids learning skills, solving problems and improving dexterity.

And finally - get your kids outdoors for plenty of breaks! 30 minutes on a video or computer game is plenty long enough.

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Your Own Calculator

by Deepanwita
(New Delhi)

A Calculator Is A Fantastic Elecronic Learning Toy

A Calculator Is A Fantastic Elecronic Learning Toy

Deepanwita Advises Parents To Give Kids A Calculator

A Calculator Game! Yes it's the answer to the best educational toy!

If you tell your child to spend their time with a little calculator after a few seconds he/she will start playing with it. Your child would try to get control of it, try to be fast and would be using their intelligence to solve problems.

A calculator has always been a mystery for children how it can be so fast. Children also need their parents guidance which means parents are spending quality time with their children.

Other Electronic Learning Toy Reviews

Quite a few of our parents use the Click N Kids Programs which cover spelling and phonics training kids love. You can read their reviews and feedback by visiting that review page.

We also lots of reviews for LeapFrog Games who probably have the most comprehensive range of electronic learning toys available for all age ranges. Many of the LeapFrog educational toys are used in schools to assist children with learning difficulties.

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