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Easter Activities For Children

Help us build our collection of Easter Activities for Children, from preschool easter crafts - through to complex easter activities such as Easter dinner menu ideas.

Do you have some easy Easter crafts for kids? Are there easter activities your family regularly does at Easter? Share your family easter traditions, and browse through our collection via the links below the submission form.

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Ideas For Easter Activities For Children

  • Easy Easter Crafts for Kids
  • Easter Basket Ideas
  • Your Family Easter Traditions
  • Easter Bunny Crafts
  • Easter Egg Activities - there must be hundreds of ways to decorate Easter Eggs!
  • Preschool Easter Crafts
  • Easter Candy Recipes - NOT copied please, your original or family variations
  • Easter Sayings!
  • Easter Dinner Menu or Easter Dinner recipes children can help prepare
  • Anything to do with Easter that your children are involved in

I'd love to read yours!

Share Your Easter Activities For Children Here!

Share your great Easter Activities here, your family traditions and family (not copied) recipes.

List Of Easter Activities For Kids

Click the links below to read submissions from other parents. Feel free to comment or ask questions about their activities.

Report back after you try one of them, we'd love to hear your thoughts!

Easter Egg Wraps 
Easter Egg Wraps I use egg wraps for plastic eggs instead of hard boiled eggs. I always thought it was a shame to just boil it …

Easter Placemats 
Make some personalized place-mats for each of the friends or family members that will be attending your Easter dinner! You can use photos, personal artwork, …

Easter Crafts For Kids - Decorating Easter Eggs 
One of our Easter Traditions, is we decorate eggs as an Easter Craft activity. Older children like this activity, and they also makes lovely Christmas …

Naughty Easter Bunny - Easter Treasure Hunt 
We have a very naughty Easter Bunny who visits our house to set up an Easter Treasure Hunt. He makes muddy footprints all over the clean kitchen floor …

Easter Baskets For Everyone! 
I watch my 3-year old granddaughter everyday and she is at the age where she thinks SHE can do everything - on her own! I was trying to come up with …

Indoor Easter Egg Hunt 
Our tradition is to have our own family indoor Easter Egg hunt which we even continued after we were adults. My parents filled plastic eggs with candy …

Little Seeds Meditation For Children 
This is a little guided meditation to do with children of all ages (I have even found that young teenagers have fun with this). Have the child(ren) …

Easter Party Activity 
Hello, One of our Easter Activities every year, is a huge family party, and every family has to bring an Easter Party Activity that we all participate …

Easter Crafts For Children - Great Book 
175 Easy-To-Do-Easter Crafts This is the book we use for our Easter Crafts, the series has a range of books of 175 Easy to Do crafts for all …

Hot Cross Bun Recipe 
Our family has a special Hot Cross Bun Recipe that came from my Uncle who is a Pastry Chef. I promise you when you try these Hot Cross Buns you won't …

Easter Printables Easter Games and Activities 
I have just found a very cool pack of Easter Printables that will keep your family entertained over the break. I would also be a great pack if you have …

Color Easter Eggs And Smashem 
This is such a simple Easter Activity, anyone can do it without having to buy anything extra except maybe some extra eggs. Every home with kids in …

Easter Dessert Recipe: Grandma's Simnel Cake 
This is our traditional Easter Dessert Recipe, and my Mom can remember her Grandmother making it. It is very rich, and lovely served with a dollop of whipped …

Easter Egg Hunt On The Beach 
Living in Myrtle beach we refuse to spend a beautiful spring day away from the beach, so we moved our usual festivities to the beach two miles away and …

Easter Activities For Kids 
Easter Activities For Kids Hi, I got hold of a great e-book with hundreds of Easter Activities in it, ranging from things you can do in the car, …

Easter Bunny Crafts 
This makes a great preschool Easter Craft, although my twelve year old still loves making them. We collect toilet roll tubes for a few months leading …

Easter Cupcakes 
One of our family Easter traditions is making Easter Cupcakes. I don't have a special recipe for Easter Cupcakes, I just use an ordinary cupcake recipe, …

Older Kids Love the Easter Bunny, Too! 
My preteen and teenager are too old for visits from the Easter Bunny, and truthfully, the "Easter Bunny" is stumped for basket-filling ideas for them. …

Our Easter Traditions 
Hi, Much as we love Easter Eggs and all the fun side of Easter, as Christians, our Easter Traditions tend to be more focused on the Lord, and our church …

Easter Egg Hunt 
For the past 9 years we have held a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt in our back yard. We collect prizes all year long. I watch the sales and get prizes …

Easter Egg Dye And Race 
One of our family Easter Traditions is to hard boil lots of white eggs. We then spend some time together dipping them in Easter egg dye - which is probably …

Easter Candy Recipes
Marshmellow Eggs
This is an Easter Activity that has been in my family for years, I used to do this with my grandmother who used a wood stove and beat by hand with a wooden …

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt Gone Wrong! 
When my children were small, I always did a treasure hunt with clues for Easter. After they went to bed, I would hide a variety of small Easter Eggs, each …

Preschool Easter Crafts: Easter Bunny Basket 
This is a fairly easy preschool Easter craft, but of course a young child needs supervision. They learn to use scissors, which is a challenge for young …

Click here to write your own.

Easter Treasure Hunt

More Activities For Children

Adapt some of our other activities to be easter activities for children.
Browse through our collection of art activities for children, you may find ideas you can use for easy easter crafts. Feel free to add to our collection!

Click here for our homeschooling activities section

Easter Games


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