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Educational Infant Toys

by Annie Desantis
(Tasmania, Australia)

Best Educational Infant Toy - Daddy And A Book!

Best Educational Infant Toy - Daddy And A Book!

Best Educational Infant Toy - Daddy And A Book!
Mia With Her Lamaze Kangaroo - He Came From Australia With Me!

What Are The Best Educational Toys For Babies?

Firstly YOU ARE! When babies are young, the best thing is lots of contact with Mom or Dad.

Below you will find reviews from myself and parents about some great educational infant toys. We'd love your opinions or a review too - let us know what you think.

Baby Books

For the first few weeks babies only see in black and white, so any toys that are highly contrasting or move are great for their development.

Talking, smiling and eye contact is really important for our little ones, and no amount of educational infant toys can take the place of that.

Having said that, it is never too young to start reading to your little one. In the picture above you can see my son reading one of those little infant books to Mia at three weeks. And she was cracking up! It was just so funny, she was responding to him, and laughing at the noises in the book.

Each page had a different noise, a squeak, or a rustle and had lots of black and white, and bright colors. It has been by far one of the best infant books I have seen. Many of them are cute and pastel and pretty, but don't do much to stimulate the rapidly developing brain of a tiny baby.

Make Your Own Baby Book

You can make your own cloth book of course! Choose bright contrasting colors, lots of black and white, and in between the layers you can add some scrunched up cellophane or a couple of bells. You can also sew on some different textured fabrics, like fur and stiff sparkly material. Add some tags and a teething ring and you will have the perfect educational toy without spending much at all! I would recommend you wash the fabric first so baby does not end up sucking on fabric dyes and stiffener! And also be careful that you have attached tags or appendages very firmly.

I always wish gift givers would give a book to a new baby, how many teddys did you get? Does your child actually play with them much?

I Love Lamaze Baby Toys

So I was delighted to find a Kangaroo to take to Mia when she was born! (Since I live in Australia!)

All the Lamaze toys are gorgeous bright colors, and have scrunchy ears, or squeeky bits. And of course the quality and safety aspects are superb.

Lamaze is a company with the highest ethics in supporting women during pregnancy, childbirth, and of course are strong advocates of breast-feeding.

A percentage of their sales goes into Lamaze International, to train educators and support people and to maintain research into the best child development practices.

Their range of toys and education products are first class and I pretty much always give a Lamaze Baby Toy (and a book!) to all of my new Moms.

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Baby Play Mats

by Annie Desantis
(Tasmania, Australia)

Big Sister Muscling In Under Lyla's Baby Mobile!

Big Sister Muscling In Under Lyla's Baby Mobile!

Baby Play Mats And Mobiles

One of the educational infant toys that are really useful for Moms - is a baby play mat. There are always times when you just HAVE to get on and get stuff done, and you can't always carry your baby around. Having ways they are entertained and stimulated while you throw a load of washing in, keeps you sane!

Of course, the younger your baby is, the more you need to have body contact, and the best stimulation is you talking, interacting, and playing with your baby. But the realities of life means you just have to have ways to keep your little one occupied whilst you do other things.

In the photo above, 2 year old Mia decided to get in on the act when Lyla had her first time on her Play Mat. And Lyla was more interested in watching Mia! Which proves the point that we are the best educational toy for our children - a younger sibling always has the extra stimulation of watching an older brother or sister.

Make Your Own Baby Mobile

When my children were small, we didn't have access to the wonderful educational toys that are available now. But you can still make your own Baby Mobile and of course the mat part of it is just a padded blanket!

I used to tie things to a coat hanger - a dangling balloon they can kick, my bright orange measuring spoons, a babies rattle, and a small soft toy. I tied some bells to the hanger so it made a jangling noise when they hit a hanging toy, and a bunch of sparkly ribbons well out of reach. It may not have looked so cute, but it did the trick of having interesting things for Baby to look at, to stretch for, and noises when they kick something.

As with all good educational infant toys, you are wanting to stimulate and get a babies interest, and as they get a little older, to encourage them to reach and stretch. All that kicking around is also developing little muscles and hand eye co-ordination - so having a good kick around on a play mat is like us going to the gym!

Keeping a baby in a buggy, pram or even carried all the time, means they don't get enough time to stretch and kick and get control of that wee body. So a baby play mat is great for you and your baby!

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Brainy Baby DVDs - ABC's - 123's - Colors and Shapes

by Stephanie
(Forest Park, GA, USA)

Brainy Baby DVDs Rock!

Brainy Baby DVDs Rock!

Stephanie Reviews Brainy Baby DVDs

I bought all the Brainy Baby DVDs while I was pregnant. When my little boy was around eight months old he started to watch them.

By the time Garrett was 15 months old, not only did he know his ABCs and numbers, but he could identify each letter and number.

By his Second birthday, he knew all his letters and the sound each letter made. He knew all his colors and shapes and can count.

Comments About Brainy Baby DVDs

Wow, Stephanie, your little boy sounds amazing!

I love the Laugh and Learn DVD, it cracks me up watching my son making faces - and have you ever looked at the blooper section? Even funnier!

by: Brainy Mum

Tips For Babies Development

Visit our New Baby page for lots of information and tips to enjoy the first year with your new baby.

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