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Science Toys

by Jonathan Guerra
(Clinton, Utah, US)

Read our educational science toy reviews below, and add yours or give us your opinion. Our parents have reviewed Science Toys, A Telescope for Kids, A very cool Solar kit, and more. We'd love to hear from you!

Educational Science Toy Review:
A Microscope

It is my opinion that what kid does not like to play with a microscope? I had one when I was little and I loved putting things under the magnification.

When looking for a microscope make sure you get one that has adjustable magnification and upper as well as lower lighting. Many of the cheaper options don't have both lights.

My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope is one that is reasonably priced but still has some good features. I would not recommend any of the really cheap options as your kids will just loose interest if they can't experiment and really understand the power of being able to see things under what our eyes normally can.

You can get pre made up slides with a range of things to view, but kids love finding things outside that they can put under the microscope or using a hair, ice chips, blood, and different substances can all be fascinating.

My son is only little so it will be a while until he gets old enough to use a microscope, but I can't wait!

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How and Why Science Kit

by Michelle T
(South Carolina)

Educational Science Toy Review:
Science Kit

We got a science kit for our 9 year old for Christmas last year, and it has been wonderful. He has regularly experimented with it all year, and has asked for more science kits for Christmas this year.

Has anyone else used others? - it would be great to hear what other parents and kids have used and what they think is best. I've wondered about getting him a microscope?

This one we got was called How and Why Science Kit and had lots of equipment with it, like a telescope, glass beakers, test tubes, the measuring syringe things, plus lots of things to experiment with. The book that came with it had so many different experiments, I don't think he has actually got through them all in the year.

The only thing you need to make sure, is keep everything together. We realized after a month or so that the various pieces of equipment were getting lost, so made an effort to collect them all up and keep them in the box up on the shelf.

I think this is one of the best educational toys for boys, because boys I find are harder to buy good presents for that are not rubbish. He is into sports and stuff, but there is only so much you can do with a ball unless you are actually playing in a team game.

I must admit, we have been pleasantly surprised at how much he has come back to this kit, we thought the novelty would wear off, but I think because there are so many different experiments, it has made him more curious.

Be warned, some of the experiments smell dreadful!

Exploring Science
Comments From Annie

Thanks for your review Michelle,
The How and Why Science Kit no longer seems to be available, but there are some brilliant kits on Amazon.

It's a great idea getting a kit or something similar, most parents are a bit scared of doing science with their kids, and feel a bit out of their depth. I remember learning so much when my kids were young, doing experiments with all sorts of interesting things.

We only had a book though, and the Steve Spangler experiments are awesome! We did eventually get a second hand microscope, which was fascinating too. Do make sure you get a good one though, some we looked at were rubbish, and really had very little magnification. These days you can even get microscopes that attach to the computer so you can save images of the slides etc.

I seem to remember a smelly experiment too! And the kids loved it and it was always one they wanted to do when unsuspecting visitors were in the house.

I can't remember what it was that made the awful smell, can you?

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A Telescope

by Sheila
(San Marcos, California)

Science Toy Review:
Telescope For Kids

A telescope for viewing the stars and planets and a book of the constellations makes a very educational gift.

It is also a keystone to conversations and bonding between parent and child. My kids have loved viewing the heavens with me.

Editor's Note
If you are thinking about a telescope, make sure you get a decent one. Many of the kids telescope are really pretty useless, it may be ok to view a bird in a tree, but to get a close up of the moon craters, or do some star spotting you need decent magnification.

The NG-70SPR Altazimuth Refractor is one I would recommend, it comes with some excellent software to help teach kids about the night sky, and has excellent magnification with a red dot view finder. Makes finding things easier!

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Solar Kit

by Abbie

Science Toys For Kids Review:

Solar Kit

These little Solar Kits are very very cool. My son learned about solar power. And now he is talking non stop about it!

They can build a variety of little vehicles or a robot dog, all powered by the sun. I was amazed at how they actually work! Kids can choose out of six different plans, and the parts all snap together pretty easily.

Just make sure it does not end up in the toy box, or the panel can get damaged or parts get lost. It is something that needs to be stored separately.

We ran experiments over the course of a week, sunny days, cloudy days, early morning, middle of the day and he charted how fast the car could travel a certain distance.

It was so cool - my son is only six, but his cousin is 12 years old, and he loved it too.

One of the best educational toys I would recommend.

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The Brain

by Deepanwita
(New Delhi)

Educating Kids About Our Amazing Brain

Educating Kids About Our Amazing Brain

Use Your Brain!

The Brain could be the best educational toy, or part of our body that is the intelligent part. If we didn't have a brain then we even have the capacity to think of what could be the best educational toy.

The brain makes us innovative, creative and thoughtful. There is knowledge in books, in the computer but the brain is something which you don't have to buy but it is with you from your birth - isn't that lucky?

The brain tell us what is good and what is bad for us, it also does calculations for us.

Don't you think brain is the most friendly, most familiar educational toy which is with us and would be with us for ever?

Understanding The Brain
Additional Ideas From Annie

For those parents who have kids that are fascinated with how the brain works, Learning Resources have a really interesting 3D Model Of The Skull with the different parts of the brain in sections.

It comes on a stand and is anatomically correct - even the jaw opens and closes!

A great teaching resource too, or great for science projects.

Brains Are Fun!
Comment from Jase

As an educational science toy, this brain is fantastic. I learned just as much as my kids, and it sparked off a whole lot of other science questions.

Kids are just a little sponge and given the resources and an adult to encourage them to ask questions, you never know where they are going to take them.

We love our brain! Actually I think ours is a little bit different to the one in the picture, but it is pretty cool!

Jase and the boys

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