EFT For Kids Program

Dear Parents

Don't you hate it when your child is upset?

Comes home from school crying?

Or is being bullied at school.

Maybe your child is terrified to talk in front of the class?

Or is she very shy?

Does your child fear going to the dentist? or visiting a hospital?

Did you know you can teach them a simple tapping technique that will help them conquer all their fears?

Emotional Freedom Technique (or Tapping) is a simple tapping sequence using the energy meridians used in Acupuncture. We simply tap lightly on the points, to tap out stress, anxiety or even phobias, and also to tap in a new belief or affirmation.

So Easy!

You may already know about Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) - you may have even tried it for yourself.

But did you know kids respond so much faster than adults when using EFT?

EFT for kids is so empowering, it gives them the tools to banish their fears and anxieties, and to build positive beliefs and success.

EFT or Tapping is based on ancient Chinese acupuncture points, long used to release pain and assist the body to heal.

Using EFT for kids is so powerful, and it works faster on kids because they don't have a backlog of beliefs built up over years like we do! Guess where most of our unhelpful beliefs came from? Our childhood of course!

Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, believes we can do something very special for our children if we can teach them EFT.

Now An EFT Manual For Parents

Annie Desantis As a Parent Coach I have worked with thousands of parents and children, and one of the tools I highly recommend is teach your child Tapping (EFT).

Those little fingers have magic in them, they can learn to tap away their fears and anxieties, and you can help them to overcome their challenges.

I've Made It Easy For You!

I've written a manual for parents, with EFT Scripts you can adapt and use with your own kids.

If they are struggling in school or want to do well in a test, having trouble fitting in or making friends - you can help them, simply by adapting the scripts to suit your child's issue. You can even use EFT for phobias or nightmares.

Tap Out:

EFT 4 Kids Manual

Tap In:

The first part of this manual is a thorough explanation of how to use EFT For Kids, complete with diagrams you can print off. (Don't laugh at my drawing!)

Part Two contains actual EFT Scripts you can adapt and use.

Plus You Get My Personal Support

In addition, to the EFT 4 Kids Manual you get access to our EFT for Kids Forum, and I am very happy to give you additional help and suggestions so you can tailor scripts to fit your child's scenario.

I'll answer any questions you may have.

Plus, you can also request specific scripts, and will get updates of scripts when other forum members make a request - these will get emailed to you.

Get Your Copy Today

EFT 4 Kids: A Parent's Manual

Download Version Only $19.95
Please note this is a PDF file so you will need Adobe Acrobat reader, which is free, or similar to open it.

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

EFT For Kids Guarantee I am VERY happy to offer you a 60 Day money back guarantee. If you don't find anything of value for your family simply contact me and I will happily refund your money. Please note: I would encourage you to ask questions on the EFT for Kids Forum before you ask for a refund. That way we can work together to help you empower your children.

So how can you loose?

I'd love to hear your successes too, so please jump onto the forum and let us know!

Wishing you Joy,
Annie Desantis

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