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EFT And Nightmares

by Jacinda
(Como, NSW, Australia)

I've been trying some tapping on my 8 year old daughter, with mixed results. She started having nightmares a few months ago after some girls at dancing told some clown horror stories and we've had problems on and off since.

She was waking up from the nightmare and then unable to go back to sleep as she could hear the house settling, would come up and want to crawl into bed.

As a result my husband and I were getting broken sleep, so we told her to try counting sheep, hugging her bible etc. She then started coming up to 'just kiss' me (which also wakes me up).

For about a week I have tried tapping on 'these nightmares' and she has had one or 2 nights where she has slept through, but most of the time she is still waking up, then getting up to turn the hall light on, and going back to bed.

I was wondering if you have a script for staying asleep or going back to sleep easily that I can use with the EFT for Kids Manual?


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How To Use EFT With Bad Dreams
by: Annie Desantis

Hi Jacinda,

Nightmares are surprisingly common and do respond well to EFT. Basically kids feel out of control and helping her to use something to get control is better than you doing it for her.

So the more you practice with her, the more she has the tool at her fingertip to do it herself.

Tips To Empower Kids To Handle Nightmares

If she has developed bad anchors around going to bed or staying in bed, then shift her room around. If you can afford it, paint the walls or get a new duvet cover or something that changes the energy of the room.

Putting the bed in a different position can work really well with this. Get her to choose what she wants, if she participates in creating a room she loves she will be much more likely to feel good about going to bed.

A night light also can be reassuring, she won't have to get out of bed to turn a light on, and can just see in the dim light her familiar things around her.

Another really good thing to build in that kids respond really well to, is having an imaginary remote control. Then they can tap and change channels until they find a cartoon channel, or
super hero story to watch. You can even program in a relax channel or movie.

This also works really well with the tapping sequence when you get to the point of tapping in resources - tap out the scary stuff first, then tap in her happy or relaxing place.

Get her to create a room or movie in her head that is full of the best and most comfortable things she can think of. Maybe huge feather cushions in her favorite colours. Maybe a water bed she can float on, maybe a big rocking chair or hammock.

The more you can get her ideas into the vision the better and the more powerful it will be.

Ask her questions to help her to pad it out - What can you see, can you smell anything yummy? Is the light bright or soft and floaty?
Is there any music playing or can you hear birds tweeting?
Or maybe you can hear Mummy singing?
What would you take into this special room with you?
Is there a special toy or person?
Is there a friend with you? Maybe Mummy and Daddy are in there.
Maybe there is a room full of kisses.
Maybe the room is filled with God's breath so she can float in there.
Maybe there is an angel or a fairy or magic bubbles.

The more she creates a special place for herself and the more detail, the better.

Then when you tap you can tap in all those details to anchor it. Help her to be empowered to take control in the night to start tapping herself and switch channels to go to her special room or movie. She can then tap through all the things in her room. And hopefully without waking you up!

Part Two Follows . . .

How To Use EFT With Bad Dreams - Part Two
by: Annie Desantis

EFT And Nightmares

For nightmares, it works well to both tap in advance, and then also get her to tap when she has woken and is having trouble sleeping.

Here's some ideas, just modify them to include as many of her words and statements as possible:

Tapping Out The Fear:
Set up on the karate chop point with things like:
"Even though I'm scared I will have horrible dreams, I know I can take control of all this scary stuff"
"Even though I got scared with the horrible clowns, inside I know they are not real"
"Even though the scary clowns freak me out, I'm a brave, cool kid"

Use words that she uses when talking about it, and words she will relate to when talking about herself. Her words are much more powerful than yours (or mine!). Your ideas help to pad it out and tease out the fears, but get her to put words to what she feels.

Then just tap round the sequence with any of the statements she has talked about:
"I hate those scary clowns"
"I'm scared I will dream about them in the night"
"I'm too scared to go back to sleep after one of those dreams"
"Those clowns really freaked me out"
"Those kids really scared me"
"I'm scared the noises in the house are horrible clowns"

Once the intensity of the fears has dropped, then start to tap in power statements, empowering ideas and her special place.

Part Three Follows . . .

How To Use EFT With Bad Dreams - Part Three
by: Annie Desantis

Tapping In Empowerment

You can alternate with a new/positive statement then one of her fears. You can also gradually introduce the "what ifs . .", and blend in her fear with a statement that introduces a new possibility.

"What if I could change this channel with a click of the button?"
"My bed is special and it keeps me safe"
"Even though I am sometimes a bit scared, I know I am surrounded by love and am safe in my bed"
"What if when I have a scary dream I could banish it myself?"
"Mum will be so proud of me when I tell her in the morning I handled all the scary stuff easily"
"I am in charge of my mind and nothing can hurt me"
"Even if I wake with a fright, I know it is just a dream and I can relax and go to my special room in my mind."
"My room is . . . . (Tap in all the special things she has talked about)
"Isn't it great I don't have to wake up Mummy all the time now I know this tapping trick to clear away anything that annoys me"
"I'm getting better at sleeping through the night, or going back to sleep after a scary dream"
"Every time I have a scary dream, I know it is just a reminder to switch to my happy place, or special room"

At Bedtime:
Set the scene by tapping in the good stuff as she goes to bed.

I would not tap on scary stuff at bedtime unless she brings it up. If she is saying she is scared to go to sleep then tap that out, otherwise, simply tap in the comfortable safe room, or her personal movie so she goes to sleep from that place.

Now there may also be a part of her that might be getting a bit of mileage out of all the drama.

So build in special time with her outside of all this. Maybe some rewards for when she stays in bed all night, and has handled it well herself. Some Mum and daughter time that is not tied into sleep drama will also be a good way for her to get lots of attention without having something wrong.

With a bit of persistence, and empowering her to take control herself instead of Mummy having to fix it up, she will start to settle more and the nightmares will become a thing of the past. Then hopefully Mum and Dad will catch up on a bit of

Feel free to report back or ask me to clarify anything via the comments link below,

All the best
Annie D :)

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