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From what I have observed, there really is no limit to the kinds of issues Emotional Freedom Technique can be used for - both for adults and children, so if you have any questions at all just ask.

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EFT For Bedwetting 
Question What to tap on for a young child who wets the bed every night? Annie's Answer Hi Linda, I am not sure what age child you are referring …

Separation Anxiety In 8 Year Old With Going To School 
Hi Annie, I have an eight year year old client with his Mom who essentially is glued to her side. He has a fear of separation from his mother and being …

Son Aged 13 Experiencing Intense Anxiety About New School 
Hi! I have a highly sensitive 13 year old son. He has struggled with anxiety, panic, and anger for quite a while. Now, he is getting a lot of …

EFT And Nightmares 
Hi, I've been trying some tapping on my 8 year old daughter, with mixed results. She started having nightmares a few months ago after some girls at dancing …

10 Year Old Son Who Says He's A Loser 
Hi, My son has had challenges with his schooling and we have done a lot of different things to remediate. Academically, while very bright, he is only …

Tapping Worked On Fear Of The Dark 
Just recently I did help my son getting him free from fear of the dark using EFT. Everyone around me saying, let him be afraid of the dark, it will …

8 Year Old Having A Hard Time 
Dear Annie, You were gracious enough to help me with my question 2 days ago to you regarding my 8 year old son who is having a hard time right now. …

Fear Of The Unknown 
I have an 11 year old son who was just about to take a trip to coast to have fun with lots of kids from different countries. The night before he actually …

Physical Pain In Children 
Annie, We ordered your book EFT 4 Kids: A Parent's Manual - last night and it is for Donna to help her 10 year old granddaughter, Emily. Emily has …

Reluctant 4 year old and EFT for Kids 
Hi Annie, I got your EFT for Kids Program and I think it is great. I've only done a bit of EFT and was not very confident doing it with my kids. But …

Tapping With A Three Year Old 
Hi Annie, I just got your EFT For Kids Manual and have started tapping with our three year old. I've used EFT a few times myself but had not been very …

Using EFT On A Facebook Issue 
I've been using EFT off and on for about two years now and I've been amazed at how it has helped me with stress. It has helped me quit smoking and get …

EFT And School Anxiety 
Hi, I tried EFT a little bit with my daughter. She is a very shy little girl, actually she is very like me at her age! She has only just started …

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EFT Tapping Bear and Max, my nephew

Max With Tappy Bear

This little cutie, is my nephew Max, in New Zealand. He has cystic fibrosis, which means frequent trips to hospital. We sent him a Tappy Bear, which is a teddy bear with buttons sewn onto the tapping points. Here's what his Mom wrote:

Letter from Max's Mom

Tappy arrived the day before we went into hospital, we didn't have much time to go over all the actual instructions but took him as Max's special bear who helps to make him feel better. With that and the tips you gave me, the whole experience was much easier on Max, he has surprised me with how well he has coped with everything this time around.

We have now started going over the tapping with Max, and he also quite likes doing the physio on Tappy as well! One of his worst things has been having blood tests, we had to go back to hospital on Friday to have pre and post (iv antibiotic) blood tests, can you believe he sat on his own on the chair and put his arm out - both times!!!!! In the past this has been one of the most traumatic things for him, with me having to hold him down.

Everyone was really interested in Tappy Bear, particularly the physio's and social workers.

Thank you so much for your advice and for Tappy!!!


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