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Where Are The EFT Tapping Points?

I've drawn a diagram below to show you where the EFT Tapping points are and what sequence to tap them, and some examples of using EFT with children. If you missed the introduction page about EFT, emotional freedom technique, then read this article on Emotional Freedom Techniques first.

There are a few more complex ways of using EFT, and lots of people use extra tapping points, but you can't really get it wrong. If your intention is to clear an issue, and you have a clear focus on what you would prefer, then you can simply use the eft tapping points to tap out the old or unwanted thoughts or beliefs, and tap in the new! It doesn't even matter if you get it in the wrong order. If you want to delve deeper, then visit some of the other resources listed in the EFT Resource Section.

EFT For Kids: A Parent's Manual
We have a Manual for Parents to help you use EFT with your kids. This includes ongoing coaching and scripts you can adapt and use. You can find out more here: EFT For Kids: A Parent's Manual

Overview EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique Session

I'll give you examples and more detail below, but here's a quick summary of using the EFT Tapping Points.

Using Emotional Freedom Techniques

  • 1. Choose the issue - summarize into one statement
  • 2. Rank it out of 10 - 10 being very distressing, 1 being easy to deal with
  • 3. Develop a choice statement
  • 4. List several affirmations
  • 5. Tap in the set up statement (Karate Chop Point)
  • 6. Do a round of tapping on the issue
  • 7. Check the intensity again on the 1 - 10 scale
  • 8. Continue rounds of tapping and checking intensity. When intensity starts dropping, bring in affirmations, and alternate between issue and affirmations

Setting Up Your EFT Session

Choose the issue that you want to use emotional freedom techniques on. I'll use examples from children, but you can easily choose something you as a parent are finding difficult, like: every time the kids start bickering, I feel myself getting ready to explode

We start by getting a setup statement that summarizes the issue - keep it short and sweet! We'll use a common issue many kids struggle with, having to give a talk in front of the class. Basically we want to use the EFT Tapping Points to tap out the distress and fear around public speaking and tap in affirmations about confidence.

Work out with the child how distressing they find their issue on a scale of 1 - 10 - With 10 being worst. You will come back to this to test how the issue is clearing.

The traditional EFT setup statement is:
Even though I'm scared of speaking in front of the class, I completely love and accept myself.

I have found many children feel weird about saying that, particularly teenagers! I prefer to use something that is more related to the issue, or their inner wisdom, or something that is going to soften any resistance. So this is where the choice statement can be incorporated.

The Choice Statement is designed to start giving the subconscious mind a new message. It's empowering to the child because they start to realize they have don't have to stay stuck, they can choose a new reaction or response. Even if they don't currently know what that would feel like, you can play Let's Pretend, and they can imagine what it might be like to feel confident in class.

We can pair the issue with the new statement, or choice statement. This can be leading into the affirmation, but it may be something more along the lines of softening resistance.
It can be something like:
Even though I am scared of giving a talk in front of the whole class . . . . .
~ I choose to deal differently with this now.
~ I am learning new ways of handling it.
~ I know I have the ability to change this.

Even though I am struggling with talking in public . . . .
~ I know I have access to other possibilities.
~ I choose to release this old belief.
~ I can now allow more confidence to flow through me.

Just tailor the statement to the age of the child and use language they can relate to. It might be something like:
~ Even though I hate talking in front of the whole class, I know I'm really a cool dude.
~ Even though talks suck, I can draw on my super powers to help me.
You get the idea! Just be a bit creative, the more the child relates to the statement, the more powerful it will be.

The EFT Set Up Point

Before we move into the using the EFT Tapping Points, we first use the Set up Point to Tap activate our issue. The set up point is the Karate Chop Point on the side of the hand. We use this to activate and set the intention for clearing the issue using the setup statement from above. You tap it firmly 6 - 8 times (not hard!) using the fingers of the other hand, and at the same time saying your EFT set up statement 3 times:
~ Even though I'm scared to talk in front of the class, I love myself. (3 Times)
~ Even though I'm scared to talk in front of the class, I now choose to release this anxiety. (3 Times)
emotional freedom techniques
You only need to do the setup once, then we go on to do several rounds on the EFT Tapping Points.

The EFT Tapping Points Sequence

You now start doing rounds of tapping using the issue statement or variations of it, and using the choice statement sometimes too. There is no right or wrong way to do this, just follow your intuition and follow the energy of the child - if other stuff is coming up, then use those statements to tap with too. You can always make a note of something and get back to it.

After each round both you and the child take three deep breaths. Deep breaths are important to release the old and breathe in the new energy. It also shifts things physiologically.

After a couple of rounds of tapping, check for intensity - (The 1 - 10 scale). Repeat rounds of tapping on the EFT Tapping Points, until the intensity drops approx half then bring in some affirmations. I often do alternate issue statements then affirmations. The issue does not necessarily need to disappear all together. For example, sometimes a few butterflies before a talk can be useful to help us focus or practice!

Just be guided by how the child is reacting, if they want to take it all away then keep going. Of course you will have a test situation at some stage and something else may still arrise, simply tap that away afterwards.

EFT Tapping Points

The EFT Tapping Points

Tap firmly but not hard 6 - 8 times on each of these points in order saying simple phrases about the issue. Don't widen the issue to cover off more feelings or or other challenges, you can run through the process again later.

Remember to breathe in between tapping rounds!

1) Inner Eyebrow (EB)
2) Side of Eye (SE)
3) Under the Eye (UE)
4) Under the Nose (UN)
5) On the Chin (CH)
6) On the Collar Bone (CB)
7) Top of Head (H)

Example using EFT

Refer to the diagram above for the location of each point.

Tapping (EB)
~ I'm scared of talking in front of the class.
Tapping (SE)
~ Standing in front the the class makes me nervous.
Tapping (UE)
~ I'm scared I won't remember my talk.
Tapping (UN)
~ I'm scared the kids will laugh at me.
Tapping (CH)
~ Having to talk to the class makes me feel sick.
Tapping (CB)
~ I hate having to speak in public.
Tapping (H)
~ What if I forget everything?

Now check how the child feels (or yourself if you are surrogate tapping). If the level of anxiety is still pretty high, then repeat the same sequence several times.

When the level of anxiety has dropped by about half (measure on the scale of 1 - 10), then start tapping in the new belief or choice or affirmations.

I often alternate after the first round, for example:
Tapping (EB)
~ I'm scared of talking in front of the class.
Tapping (SE)
~ I now choose to feel confident giving a talk.
Tapping (UE)
~ I'm scared I won't remember what I have to say.
Tapping (UN)
~ I know I have prepared really well.
Tapping (CH)
~ I hate having to speak in public.
Tapping (CB)
~ I speak in public all the time, and it's easy for me.
Tapping (H)
~ Having to talk to the class makes me feel sick.

Next Round . . . .
Tapping (EB)
~ These butterflies are telling me I am a high flier.

Continue with a couple of rounds on the EFT Tapping Points, and, Breathe and check the intensity. When the child is happy with the level (remember it does not have to be zero) Finish with a round of positives to anchor in the new belief or affirmation.

Creatively Use Emotional Freedom Technique

One great idea is using What If Statements. What ifs work really well for kids that find it hard to imagine being more confident, or are struggling to believe they can achieve something. A What If, opens up the door to possibilities:

What if I had the confidence of a movie star?
What if I could do this really easily?
What if I surprised myself?
What if I acted as if I was really confident?

Be guided by the energy of your child. If they come up with something then build it in, it is always much better to go with the inner resources of the child than to impose your own words.

Affirmations and the EFT Tapping Points work brilliantly together. We have lots of information on using affirmations on these two pages.
How to use Affirmations effectively. With Case Studies.

Making Affirmations More Powerful
Tools to help affirmations have more impact and be more effective.

Your EFT Stories or Ask Questions
I'd love to hear your stories or any questions about using EFT Tapping with Children. Your stories, ideas or questions will be inspirational for other parents. You are also very welcome to comment or reply to any other contributions.

EFT Tapping Resources

EFT For Kids: A Parent's Manual
This is our comprehensive training manual for parents to teach kids EFT - There is a very good explaination, scripts, Magic Morning Tapping and Awesome Evening taps, and access to our forum and personalized scripts. Overview of EFT Tapping Points
Click here to to read our introduction page on how you can apply Emotional Freedom Techniques with Children.

The Tapping Solution DVD
The Tapping Solution Website has a wonderful training program, and they also run a world summit each year with many EFT experts interviewed. If you are registered you can listen for free.

They also run a Tapping Angel program, which aims to give the Tapping Solution DVD to organizations, such as prisons, hospitals, community groups or schools. If you would like to be one of their Tapping Angels, and distribute the DVDs, check out the program details on their site, The Tapping Solution.

EFT Universe
Gary Craig is the founder of Emotional Freedom Technique and offers the basic training manual free - as a downloadable pdf file. There are also lots of resources and links to practitioner.

More Resources For Parents

Super Skills 4 Kids
Is our home study course designed to help kids set goals, change behavior that is not serving them, envision the future they want, and achieve anything! If a child wants to work on a behavioral goal, Super Skills is a perfect tool, or they may want to learn a practical skill like giving talks in class. Emotional Freedom Techniques are one of the tools I recommend in SS4K, though there are heaps of other ideas and resources.

Super Skills 4 Kids is packed with tools and comes with a bonus workbook. I've had many parents say they use many of the techniques for themselves!

Disciplining children.
For more ideas on how to discipline a child read my article on disciplining kids and teens.

Do Children Misbehave?
More ideas on handling misbehaving children, and understanding their needs.

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