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Goal Setting For Kids

Goal Setting For Children Goal setting for kids is something you can help with from a fairly early age. Particularly when helping to develop great coping skills for kids who maybe struggling a little in today's busy world.

But goal setting for children, particularly younger children, is not so much about setting big life goals and knuckling down to achieve them. It is more about problem solving for children, helping them to decide what they want to achieve and breaking it down into chunks so they can achieve it.

You want your child to have developed excellent coping skills before they tackle loftier goals. A child that is not confident, or gets stressed very easily is less likely to achieve bigger goals. Goal setting for kids is more about helping them gain the skills to take the next step.

And a lot of these skills are incredibly useful for us as adults! Lots of adults set goals - how many of you have set a New Year's resolution - only to have abandoned it come February? That is most likely because you did not have the strategies to cover all the aspects of goal setting. Intention is the starting place, wanting something to be different. But of course there is more to it than that.

Whose Goal Is It?

Parents often make the mistake of expecting their kids to achieve the goals the parent wants. Of course we all have hopes and dreams for our children, and of course we want to encourage them to excel and achieve. But the first key to successful goal setting for kids (and adults!) is the goal must be something the child is wanting, not based on the expectations of the parent (or teacher).

However, we do have a huge influence on our children, and if you can see they need to learn better coping skills, or to develop better problem solving strategies, there are ways to encourage them to work towards something you also would like!

Goal Setting For Kids: Motivation

Kids have to have a reason to want what you think is a good idea, and sometimes your reasons simply aren't good enough. A teenager is not going to move into a happy and truly fulfilled life and be motivated to study to follow in his father's footsteps and inherit the family business, if his passion is elsewhere.

Younger children don't find it motivating to behave better at the dinner table, simply because you think they need better social skills.

Your job as a parent is to make goal setting for kids something that meets their needs, and that gives them a compelling enough reason to want it. Now in the case of our teenager, you just may not be able to do that. Being handed a business on a plate may be a wonderful opportunity for a young adult, but it could also be soul destroying. So as a parent, we have to learn a balance between encouraging them to achieve goals or gain skills that we think is in their best interests, and at the same time encouraging them to dream big dreams and discover what their passions in life are.

Problem Solving For Kids

I often think problem solving for children, should be a core subject at school! When kids learn skills to solve problems, life's challenges are not so overwhelming. Behavior improves when children feel empowered to tackle an issue, and their self esteem skyrockets.

If we can teach our kids to be solution finders instead of feeling a victim, or reacting badly, we are giving them a life skill that many adults simply have never learned. Then goal setting for kids becomes something they build into their life's practice.

Do You Want More Than Just Goal Setting For Kids?

If our children are equipped to find solutions, and empowered to problem solve, then setting and achieving goals is a lot easier.

I've worked with Parents, children and organisations for many years, developing tools that worked, firstly to empower my own children to achieve their dreams, but also to teach strategies and tools to families to give children a head start in life.

Super Skills 4 Kids is my very comprehensive home study course, that goes far deeper than just simple goal setting for children.

It is a toolbox that a child (with your help) can use to learn great coping skills, solve problems and achieve any goals or dreams they focus on, in a systematic wholistic way.

No matter how overwhelming a child's issue may be, every thing can be broken down into small pieces and tackled in different ways. Having a range of strategies to overcome challenges is one of the best ways of building a success mentality in a child.

As parents we can inspire them to achieve their dreams and deal with issues constructively. Super Skills 4 Kids gives you and your family the tools to deal with all sorts of issues, from bad behavior, through to academic goals.

Our Super Skills 4 Kids home study course designed to help kids set goals, envision the future they want, solve problems, and achieve anything!

Super Skills 4 Kids is packed with tools, parenting advice, case studies, coaching and comes with a bonus workbook. I've had many parents say they use many of the techniques for themselves!

Goal Setting For Kids Course

"Annie's insights and practical steps have encouraged me to implement new structures at home that I know will produce outstanding results - and that's something priceless.

I highly recommend Super Skills 4 Kids! In fact, I think every parent/caregiver deserves to have the peace in their home that her methods can bring."

Anisa Aven
Author, Life Coach

Goal Setting For Kids - First Steps

Goal Setting For Kids When starting out goal setting for children - or really WITH children, as covered above, your first step is identifying what they want as a goal. That could be anything from giving a class talk, handling a bully better, making friends or passing an exam - the first key to success is identifying what they want to achieve.

Useful tips to identify the child's goal

  • Brainstorm Ideas - No discussion at this stage, just generating options
  • Ask Questions like, "Imagine what you would be like if you could handle this better?"
  • Help them to get really clear on what exactly they are aiming for - a vague I will feel better, is not something a child will ever know they have achieved
  • What will be different if they achieve this goal? Help them to expand their vision of themselves and begin to see a new version
  • Do you know anyone who already can do this? Possible mentoring, or support options here
  • How would you know you have achieved your goal (assuming you have identified a concrete goal)
  • Chunking - what are the smaller steps that need to happen to reach this goal - again brainstorming is useful. The younger the child, or for difficult issues, the more steps
This will give you a bit of an overview of goal setting for children, and some tips to help them on their way. If you would like to find out more about goal setting for kids then click to visit our Super Skills 4 Kids page.

If you would like some more specific free coaching you are also very welcome to submit Parenting Questions to Ask Annie, where your question and my answer becomes a page on our site to inspire other parents.

Goal Setting For Kids Course

I have seen many courses for parents and kids that focus on how to help build self-reliant young adults and help parents and teachers develop the skills they need to raise their kids with confidence - and I am so impressed with Super Skills 4 Kids.

Annie cares so deeply and her expertise is clearly evident in her programs. And this program is no exception.

I would recommend the Super Skills 4 Kids homestudy course and companion workbook to any parent or teacher.

If you have the chance to learn from Annie about parenting and how to empower kids of ANY age, don't hesitate!

Rhonda Ryder
Happier Kids


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