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Good Parenting Skills are not something we always practice! Most of us parent on automatic, and need a bit of help to switch to conscious smart parenting. We have loads of tools, parenting advice and tips to help you be an inspired parent, and of course you can always ask me any questions by clicking the Ask Annie link on the left.

Using Affirmations For Good Parenting

Good Parenting Skills We have several pages on this site teaching you to use affirmations, both to increase your self esteem as a parent, and to boost our children's. Good Parenting Skills, actually mean we have to look after ourselves and take care of our own well-being first! Remember the instructions in an aircraft? You make sure you are able to breathe first, so you can then take care of your children. Well it is the same with parenting. Parents who are running on empty really struggle with their kids. Smart parenting is about making sure you take care of yourself so you then have heaps of energy to be available for your children.

Do Affirmations Work?
Affirmations are a lot more than just positive thinking. We often have to look at what our belief systems are to be able to develop affirmations that help us to unhook patterns of behaviour that don't serve us. Good parenting skills are when we put tools into practice for ourselves, and then we are great role models for our children, as well as having helpful skills at our finger tips to help them.

Positive Affirmations
This page goes on to look at how we can supercharge our affirmations, and some advanced techniques and tools that I have used with thousands of families to help them. There are some great ideas we can do as a family that really empower our kids and ourselves to achieve our goals.

Using Positive Affirmations For Kids
Kids love all the affirmation games we play - you can really get creative with some of these ideas, and have a lot of fun with them. The more we give our kids tools to deal with anything they might be struggling with, or help them develop a healthy self esteem, then that really is what good parenting is all about! Smart parenting is not about punishments and getting kids to do what we want, it is about equipping them to handle whatever life throws at them. But don't worry, there is also lots of help on this site for those issues too!

EFT And Parenting

EFT? What's that?
It's magic! This is such an amazing tool for parents to learn - both for our own well-being, and it is simply brilliant to use with kids. It is definitely something you need in your good parenting skills basket!

EFT Tapping Overview is where you find out what EFT is all about. Emotional Freedom Technique is a very cool, very simple tapping technique you can use for ANYTHING - clearing challenging issues, building up confidence, even when hurt or scared. You can find the actual EFT Tapping Points here, with some really good instructions for using it with our children. EFT For Kids is my EFT coaching program, that gives you scripts you can use, ties everything together, and you also get personal coaching from me.

Teach Kids To Set Goals

Learn Good Parenting Skills Goal Setting For Kids is our page about helping kids to set up a plan for achieving what they want. (Useful for parents too!!) Good parenting is about equiping our kids with skills for life, to set targets, make plans and take responsibility for managing their lives. It is not about us doing everything for them! Many parents think being a great Mom or Dad, means rushing round taking care of their every need and making sure they are ready for school. NO! - Well, maybe when they are very tiny! But from as young an age as possible, we want to be helping our kids be more and more independent. Good parenting is actually equiping our kids so they don't need us!

Super Skills 4 Kids is my comprehensive personal and life skills course for children, that helps you to work with your children to achieve their goals - whether behavioral goals, or time management or anything in between. This program contains heaps of additional resources, and of course you get personal coaching from me, or any questions answered that you need.

Our Parenting Tips pages have heaps of inspiration to help you build good parenting skills. There's a lot of wisdom there from other parents too, so check out or add your own tips on our contribution pages.

There will be lots more resources loaded up here all the time, so pop on back to see what's new. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be kept up to date, or of course you can click the Ask Annie link to send in your parenting questions. I'd love to hear from you - let me know how I can support you to be an AWESOME parent.

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