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How Do I Apply Law of Attraction To Parenting?

by Claire

Hi Annie,
Thank you for this chance to get some help with this question! I've been learning about law of attraction from various online lectures- Sue Morter, Christie Marie Sheldon, etc. I'm hearing that I should just trust that all is happening for the highest good, that I don't need to change "them", that it's all happening for me to learn my own lessons. So does that mean that I NEVER correct my 9-yo son?

We home school, so on top of parenting, I've got parent/teacher issues of correction that I'm trying to figure out.

I think if I trust the universe and model living in a blissful state and send lots of loving blessings to my child, that he will learn by observing my actions and be attracted to my loving state and want to do things in line with it.

But, what if he picks up behavior from other people that is really hurtful to our family (cussing or angry behavior)? Would I still bless him and not say anything to correct him?

This one part of the law of attraction is really hard for me to understand.... I see how I do not need to correct or get upset with my husband, but it feels like raising a child, I have some responsibility to direct his behaviors.

In one lecture, Sue Morter says that living your choice/dream means being able to speak up with others. So it seems like a very fine line defining what is speaking up about things and what is trying to change another person's behavior.....

Help me understand this? I'm very grateful for your time and any insight you can offer.

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Law of Attraction Parenting In Action
by: Annie Desantis

Hi claire,

I'm currently traveling with family so I will give you a more detailed answer as soon as I get a bit more time.

But some things for you to think about with using LOA principals when raising kids:

Most importantly, what you model to your children is the best way to teach them. So when you are feeling annoyed or frustrated, be very obvious about showing them how YOU get yourself to feeling better.

All our feelings are OK, being mad or cross with someone is not bad. It just shows us that we want something to be better.

So as a parent, yes there will be times when you need to explain or show your children how to be kinder or how to get themselves to creating what they want, and not creating more frustration or contributing energy to a situation.

LOA Parenting means trying to consciously choose a better way of parenting, not just letting everything go - if you feel worse when your son swears than if you correct him, then go for what makes you feel better. Parenting consciously means making as many choices about our parenting, conscious, rather than parenting on automatic the way we learned from our parents.

The idea is to help your children reach for ways that make them feel better, and even tho they sometimes think making the other person feel bad might be better, usually that doesn't feel good.

Most kids are not unkind or badly behaved just to be annoying or mean, they simply want to feel better or happier themselves. So helping them to find ways to be that is win/win is much more productive.

I'll get back to you with more tips in a few days!

wishing you JOY,
Annie D :)

what to do next?
by: Claire

Thank you so much Annie, that was a lot of help!

I'm still really not clear on how to live my life with LOA (meaning, not reacting to his outbursts and then not trying to correct them- as they are supposed to be a gift/lesson for me) and parent our child. Just today, he is a bit under the weather, but still playing actively, so we tried some home school lessons. He worked cooperatively for his teacher for 2 hours, but when I asked him to finish his lessons after his teacher left, he yelled and moaned and complained about not wanting to do any of the options I gave him for finishing his work.

I'm trying to find a way to let him do his work but in a way that is fun and creative for him. He refuses to do anything. So do I just let it go and find something fun to do instead? Am I supposed to trust that the lesson will get learned somehow, but not in this way? Do I present it again and try to make it more fun? If I wait too late in the day then it's harder for both of us as we're more tired than earlier.
Ah so many issues......

thanks for any insight into how to do this?
happy solstice!

Ideas For Parenting Using LOA
by: Annie Desantis

Hi again Claire thanks for your patience!

As parents we want to make sure our kids get educated and learn the skills they need to succeed in life. But actual lesson plans and schooling are only one way they learn, and those methods are really designed for being able to mass teach children with very minimal adult interaction.

Kids learn by experience. So my thinking is if your son has already had 2 hours of concentrated homeschooling lessons, and is not interested in pursuing it further, then you are better to follow his energy and move on to other activities.

Remember, anything can be a maths game or science activity. Cooking is measuring and science and learning about health and our bodies. Gardening has huge learning opportunities, building or construction, can be great opportunities for measuring or mastering tools.

Everyday life is full of learning for children, without having to do formal sit down and do this math.

Follow his interests, he can do projects about dinosaurs, car racing, boats. The wonder of good old Google means children can research all sorts of topics at the click of the mouse!

Ideas For Parenting Using LOA - 2
by: Annie Desantis

We have a few homeschooling or Unschooling pages on our site you may get some ideas from. Plus there are questions and answers from other readers under those pages.

With education, the more you can give your children lots of different experiences and then follow through with whatever they show interest in, then the more they absorb. Many kids simply switch off at school as they are too constrained as to when or how they are required to learn.

However the most important aspect of using Law of Attraction consciously when raising children, is getting yourself in sync.

Whenever you find yourself struggling, whether it is trying to "make" your son do his school lessons, or wanting to correct him - use that as your cue to check in on yourself. The more you are feeling in tune with you and are connected with your own loving source, then the less you will have to struggle with him.

You are never going to go from feeling frustrated to suddenly all sweetness and light. But you can find a different choice that will help you and most likely him to drop the struggle.

I coach my parents to take moments to STOP and DROP - take a few minutes to simply stop and drop down inside and check in with yourself.

Parenting is a busy full on relationship and in this frenetic world Mom's and Dad's often forget to tune into themselves and see how they feel.

We often parent on automatic, and then wonder why we are struggling. So use that struggle as a cue to STOP and DROP inside and get back in sync.

Ideas For Parenting Using LOA - 3
by: Annie Desantis

RE behavior corrections, many parents mistakenly think if they are wanting to follow LOA ideals they should be letting their kids run wild or the kids have all the say in how or what they do.

But as the parent, you are still in executive control, in that you hold the bigger vision of the family in your care. So there will be times when you do need to direct them, or even correct them.

Most kids do not feel good when they are playing up. If they have been unkind or hurtful, then they usually feel bad. So helping them to find other ways to interact that are kinder or make them and others feel good is usually a better option.

Correction doesn't mean punishment, it can simply be a reminder - Is there a better way you can do that? Or what would be a kinder or nicer way to say that? Rather than focusing on telling them off or punishments it is better to get them involved in solving problems or making amends or coming up with alternatives.

You may find some ideas in my answers to another Mom trying to use LOA principals with parenting and asking questions:

Help I had a meltdown today!

That should give you some things to think about, feel free to comment back or ask further questions. There just may be a delay in my answers over the Christmas period!

Wishing you a wonder-fill Christmas,

Annie D :)

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