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Floor Puzzle

by Carlie

Annie's 2 Year Old Granddaughter building Her World Map Floor Puzzle

Annie's 2 Year Old Granddaughter building Her World Map Floor Puzzle

Parent Reviews of Kids Puzzles

Puzzles are an excellent educational toy, teaching children spacial perception, problem solving and manual dexterity.

But our reviews below, show kids puzzles to be a spring board for more than that.

We'd love your review or comments too! You can join in the conversation below.

Giant Kids Puzzles

Review by Carlie

We've recently got a giant floor puzzle that is a map of the world. Because my brother and family have just moved to Hong Kong, my son (aged 6) is fascinated with maps of the world and trying to figure out where other countries are.

I don't know if he really grasps the concept of distance as he has never been in a plane, let alone overseas, but we can go on the internet and show him comparisons of distances that he knows - like how far away school is, and then try to show him how much further away Hong Kong is.

Having the giant puzzle on the floor has been great because he can jump onto another country and is starting to recognize where they are in relation to USA.

What started as an impulse buy to try to show him where Hong Kong is, has ended up being one of the best educational toys I've ever bought. I don't know if it is age, but he is just like a sponge wanting to know all sorts of things that seem to spring off from talking about different countries.

We've had conversations about travel - planes, boats, trains. We've talked about languages and we looked up on google and he got to listen to different languages. We've made up some map games so he recognizes country names and letters and he seems to have taken a leap in his reading since we got the map. I put it down to the fact that he has a reason to be really interested and motivated to figure out where his cousins live now.

The next thing is to save up and take him to Hong Kong to visit them!

Fantastic Educational Toy:
Comment From Annie

Thanks Carlie,
I agree, World Maps and giant floor puzzles are a great way to teach children about geography. I've popped a photo up of my little grand-daughter building her Floor Map that I sent her from Australia. The only thing was, I had to add in Tasmania as it was non existent!

I have a similar situation to you, she lives in the UK, and I live in Australia, and she has been out here so has some understanding that "strayla is up up in the plane, long long wayago". After I visited her last time I sent the World Map Floor Puzzle to her so she could get a bit of a visual idea of where Australia is.

I really like the way you have extended the use of your World Map, and really that is what makes the best educational toy - parent's interaction with the child to extend them and give them other ideas and knowledge. Being able to explore and find out more information using the internet is a great way to keep a child's curiosity and interest firing.

Well done, I hope you get to go to Hong Kong in the near future!

Annie D:)

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Melissa and Doug Safari Floor Puzzle

by Sue

On Safari! Awesome Floor Puzzle

On Safari! Awesome Floor Puzzle

Kids Puzzle Review:
by Sue

My 6 year old son loves puzzles - and so does his older sister. His birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and his Aunt gave him the Melissa & Doug Safari Floor Puzzle. It has 100 pieces I think, and I thought no way is he going to get this done.

But he is crazy about African Animals and had a ball doing it by himself. His sister was itching to have a go, and we had to muzzle her to stop her interfering, as he was determined to do it all by himself.

It is about 4 feet long, so it did take up a bit of space, so the second time it was worked on in the den, rather than the lounge room. His sister was allowed to help that time and they now they time each other to see who can get it done the fastest.

It seems to be pretty thick, much more than a normal jigsaw, so I think it will stand up to being on the floor.

I've always loved Melissa and Doug educational games, I think the quality is better than a lot of toys, although most educational toys are usually better quality.

We are thinking of getting the undersea one for Christmas, since the Safari puzzle has been such a success.

If your child loves animals or puzzles, then I think this floor puzzle is a wonderful educational toy.

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Rubik's Cube

by Serina
(USA )

Rubik's Cube - An Oldie But A Goodie!

Rubik's Cube - An Oldie But A Goodie!

Is The Rubik's Cube The BEST Educational Toy?
Review by Serina

Rubik's Cube was designed by a sculptor and professor of architecture! It sure challenges your brain!

It was not even intended to be a puzzle, it was a way of demonstrating 3D to his students, but when he couldn't get the pieces together again, he realized there was more to these cubes, and he began calling them magic cubes.

I think nearly every household in the 80's had one of these sitting around to drive visitors crazy!

You can look online to find the solution to solving the puzzle but trying to figure it out is half the fun! There are also cubing competitions to see who is the fastest!

Many people consider the Rubik's Cube to be one of the best educational toys ever made - what do you think?

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