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LeapFrog Fridge Farm Review

Designed for ages One - Three year olds, LeapFrog Fridge Farm is a great example of a LeapFrog educational toys. I'll tell you a bit about it, and then below show you how to get the best price if you are thinking of buying a Fridge Phonics set for your child.

Toddlers are naturally curious, and the LeapFrog Fridge Farm is a great activity for little fingers to experiment with these brightly colored animals that are in two pieces. Kids match and sort the front and back half of each animal along with assorted sound effects.

Strong magnets hold the whole set in place on the fridge, and all the animals store in the back of it. Makes a great travelling toy as everything packs together. The downside is dropping cow halves in the car when you can't pick them up!

The Fridge Farm set has a range of songs, fun facts and also gives the animal names. LeapFrog Fridge Farm Learning Outcomes:

  • Colors: using bright colors and repetition of names help young children to identify colors
  • Fine Motor Development: hand eye co-ordination, learning to grasp objects with thumb and forefinger
  • Matching and Sorting: Finding both halves of the Farm Animals, turning the piece the correct way
  • Imagination and Creativity: Mismatched pairs produce fantasy animals complete with sound effects!

What's Your Favorite LeapFrog Game? Any Questions? Post Reviews, Give Feedback

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My Observations

I observed a two year old, playing with this, and she had mastered it easily (she was already familiar with it). She then went on to extend her play by using the animals on the floor and having them eat and run around her imaginary farm. She actually lost interest in the Farm Carry case and disappeared with the animals.

She enjoyed the songs and did play them over and over till I was sick of it! However, I was simply observing to see her level of interest, normally I would be extending a child's activities, asking questions and offering other opportunities for extending her play.

My conclusion? An excellent educational toy for 1 - 2 year olds, and a three year old would play with it as a novelty, but would not be extended in any way. Better for the younger age range.

Getting The Best Deals for a LeapFrog Fridge Farm Set

Checkout the prices of purchasing a fridge phonics set via Auction. I recommend Ebay, as the most trusted and secure site, plus it has by FAR, the highest number of listings, particularly for babies or pre-school toys. (You can buy anything on Ebay!)

I've covered more of the advantages of buying a Leapfrog Fridge Farm via secure online Auctions in this general Leapfrog Games Article.

If you have not used Ebay before, it is really simple, once you click through on a listing, you can log in or register up the top. You just need an email address and user name. Placing a bid is simple too, you can place a one off bid, or put your max bid in place and Ebay will automatically increase your bid in small increments to out bid other bidders. Lots of buyers on new items have a 'buy now' price which is usually still cheaper than retail.

Compare the Ebay Auction listings below with the Amazon prices in the right hand column. In general, even new, you will find you can get a much better deal purchasing your Fridge Farm via Auction, though it is not always the case.

Pre-loved Fridge phonics sets can of course be purchased a lot cheaper, and you can also buy replacement animals (for those pieces that get lost in the car!

Auction Listings For LeapFrog Fridge Farm

There is a link for more listings at the bottom, or you can type in the name of other toys (or anything else you want to check out) in the search box.

Compare LeapFrog Fridge Farm on Amazon Here With Auction Prices in Centre Column

You can often save quite a bit by purchasing via Auction rather than paying full price for your LeapFrog Fridge Farm Educational Toy.

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