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My Children, Reach For It And It Is Yours!

by Shelly Coulombe

Ritchie, finishing roof before the snow

Ritchie, finishing roof before the snow

Ritchie, finishing roof before the snow

To my children:

Each of you were planned and wanted so much, loved each and every day. Each time I found out that I was pregnant I was so joyful. The feeling of you growing in me, was the greatest.

I loved having you so close to me, I was sad, but happy when you came into this world as a human. Well what do I do now? None of you came with a book, so I took the lead and did the best that I knew how.

Did I do everything right? Well of course not! Do I regret the choices that I made? No. Did I do the best that I could with what I had and knew, for each one of you? Yes!

Ritchie my oldest son 19:
You say to me sometimes that, if I had done that I would have gotten in trouble. I wish that I had been wiser at that time, just letting you be the capable, and powerful creator that you are.

That I was in a place to be brave enough to ride it out, to let you figure out your own personal desires. I still would have stepped in to keep you from harm, I am the MOM, and love you! I have learned so much from you, I appreciate all that you have become, and can not wait to see what is to come. I encourage your growth and joy within.

Dakota middle son 13:
You say to me sometimes that, if I had done what Kaelyn does I would have been in trouble, I say to you my son, that I have grown and do my best to let you be the capable and powerful creator that you are. We differ lots, I will let you figure out your own personal desires.

I want for you to joyful, not playing on the computer 24/7 if I would let you, but that is what you like to do. I do my best to stand back as a loving implementer of your desires. I have learned so much from you and also will do what I can to keep you from harm, I am Mom and love you so much, I have learned lots from you. Anything you need from me just ask, I am here to help in any way that I can. I encourage your growth, to become what ever you want to be.

Kaelyn little one, daughter 5 years:
You know inside of you when you are doing something not right, I can see it in your face, when I ask you why you choose to do what you did, your answer is always, I do not know.

How can I help, I want to know what I can do better to understand what it is that you need. I know that me having had to go to work was really hard on you, and our family. I have the desire to be a sounding board for you, and know that you are capable and a powerful creator.

I am letting you figure out your own personal desires. I understand that desire to know is natural, now to get to where I can be in a place so that I can stand by and be your cheering section. Anything you need from me just ask, I am here to help in any way that I can. I encourage your growth, to become what ever you want to be. You chose me to be your Mom, I am so grateful to be able to learn so much from you.

All that I would choose for each of you beautiful children to know is to relax and reach for everything that feels good and to appreciate all that you have with feelings, that in itself will bring abundance.

Love Mom

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Three Gorgeous Children
by: Annie Desantis

Thanks for your letter to your children Shelly,
Your kids are gorgeous.

Raising your kids as conscious creators is very empowering. Just remember, you don't have to be the one to fulfill their desires and dreams, the "Universe" will open doors for them.

It sounds like you have grown and learned so much from being a Mom, what an amazing journey it is!

Wishing you JOY,
Annie D :)

From my Son
by: Shelly

Annie, this is what I received on my FB this morning from my oldest son.

Mom, You are the best! You have always told me to stay positive and anytime that I am not I just have to remember how you are very strong and beautiful.

If I can take anything from what you have taught me it is that to always be positive in all situations no matter how difficult it might get, with that said you are my role model and I hope that one day I will be as strong as you!! I love you, and I hope you have a great day!

Confirmation From Your Son!
by: Annie Desantis

Wow Shelly, That is so lovely. What a wonderful young man he is, and how lovely he posted that for all the world to see!

You have clearly done a fabulous job raising your children.

What a wonderful celebration!

With love,
Annie D :)

Super Skills for Kids
by: Anonymous

Annie, I hope to be able to get the Super Skills 4 Kids, so that I may learn so much more.

Hugs Shelly

Thanks Shelly!
Annie D

Your Mothered Niece
by: Natasha

My whole life I've had 2 Mommy's, one who had issues & often wasn't there! Then I had you!

You never budged, you always loved me strong & unconditionally, you allowed me space & supported me & my desires! I've been able to lovingly sit back & watch that X's 100 with your own children & if you could see yourself, would be amazed!

You are the most unconditional, supportive, strengthening, encouraging, persistent, loving Mommy/Aunty & woman I know!

You've done the most amazing job with your babies along with the rest of the family. I can already see the work you've done & continue to do all over your children & You can be nothing but proud!

You my Love are an amazing woman! I love you! Tasha

To My Niece
by: Anonymous

I love you baby girl and you are a strong and beautiful wonderful Mom also.

Thank you so much for your kind words.

Love ya bunches.
Aunt Shelly

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