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New Born Baby
What Are The Milestones?

When you have a new born baby, looking for baby information for the first year of your new baby's life can be overwhelming. This will be one of the most intense and amazing times in your life. To watch your little one grow and develop is such a miracle! I'm presenting what to expect with child development in this article, to give you some idea of what to expect with your new baby.

All Infants have their own timetable of events, so each stage is a guideline only. There is quite a variation in when babies master each stage, so don't get attached to when your baby has to achieve each stage! Of course, if you do think something may be wrong, then it is important to check things out with your pediatrician.
Inspired Parenting Tip The most important thing to remember is to relax, enjoy this precious bonding time, tune into your new borm baby and trust that he will let you know if he is hungry or uncomfortable. Focus on surrounding your new baby with love, rather than worry and anxiety! Get help and feedback if you are unsure, that way you can be reassured and then get back to what's important - ENJOYING it all!
My first cuddle with my newborn Grand daughter

New Born Baby - Up to 1 Month Old

This is my first cuddle with my georgeous Grand Daughter Mia, when she was newborn! This first month is a whirlwind of exhaustion and bliss! Despite Mum (Mom) feeling she'll never get enough sleep, your new born baby is probably sleeping for up to 20 hours each day! Life revolves around feeding and nappy changes and you can count yourself lucky to get a long hot shower!

New born babies feed at least 5 - 6 times per day, though many infants with tiny tummies need more frequent feeds as they just can't hold enough to last long. Did you know a new born baby's tummy is just the size of a walnut? This can be a difficult time for new mothers, worrying if they have enough milk, and getting the hang of breastfeeding.
My Three week old grandaughter laughing at a book

Infants 1 - 3 Months Old

Each day can bring a change in your baby. The wondrous thing about the first twelve months is how quickly new born babies change and grow. From the first smile, at approx 6 weeks, and then realizing your baby recognizes you is so precious. Mind you, babies can start smiling a lot earlier - my granddaughter above is laughing at a book and she was only three weeks old!

Baby Information One - Three Months:
  • Your new born baby is learning to control his eye movements, and begins to watch things intently. Around three months he will start to follow objects.
  • Your new baby begins to perceive basic colors, and enjoys large patterns, like black and white stripes. Red is often a color they respond to.
  • They start making lovely noises - a new born baby will begin to grunt, coo, and gurgle, learning to get control of his mouth in a wonderfully entertaining way.
  • Emotionally, new born babies are able to show distress, delight, and surprise.
  • Infants begin to start lifting up their head when on their tummy. At this stage your baby is developing stronger muscles to support that lovely wee head, but he still needs neck support when holding him.

Inspired Parenting Tip Use feeding time as a conscious meditation time: Tune into new baby's breathing, or gaze at your little one's face or tiny hands - Just be totally present in the moment. Visualize your wee one surrounded in love, joy, all the good things you want for your child.

Infants Four - Six Months Old

Cute 3month infant with toys

Your baby will gain more control of her head and start turning to locate where sounds are coming from.

Language (well, at least baby language!) skills are developing and she starts making babbling sounds. Vowel and consonant sounds increase, then double consonants such as mummum and dada!

Baby Information Four - Six Months:

  • Length of time between feeds increases.
  • Unlike a new born, if you are lucky your infant might sleep most of the night, perhaps between 11pm - 5am (Bliss!)
  • Baby gets more control over her arm and head movements.
  • Begins reaching and then is able to grasp for toys (or your hair! Ouch!)
  • Around 6 months babies have learnt to roll over. (This can happen a lot earlier and unexpectedly so don't leave her unattended on a bed or sofa!)
  • Smiles at a mirror image (such a beautiful baby in the mirror!)
  • Your infant is getting more social, and recognizes and responds with delight to familiar people.
  • Teeth can start appearing from six months on, so be prepared for a bit of discomfort.

Inspired Parenting Tip Try not to get into the habit of watching TV while feeding your new born baby. What kind of vibration do you think your child is absorbing, hearing about disasters and economic downturns? Everything you do is modeling to baby - so mealtimes become associated with paying attention to a box in the corner rather than focusing on the pleasure of eating, and sharing with family. I wonder why some kids aren't too keen to eat at dinner time?

Infants 7 - 9 Months Old

Infant playing with Toys From 7 to 9 months old your baby is developing more motor abilities and starts to sit without any support. Many infants start crawling during this stage, starting with creeping and trying to pull himself along. Then starting to crawl and pulling himself up on furniture.

Fine motor skills start to develop, such as trying to pick up peas or sultanas (keeps them amused for ages!) Your baby will look for dropped toys - such a fun game - you'll get tired of it long before he does!

Around this time your baby will start to become aware of himself as separate (physically) from you. (New born babies have no concept of separation) Some babies develop separation anxiety when mum disappears out of the room, and are shy of strangers. Unfortunately this is the time when many Mums (Moms) have to return to work, so it can be a tricky time to manage.

Click here for my Parenting Tip about Returning to work

Infants Ten - Twelve Months Old

Your little one will be getting more mobile, and can move surprisingly fast when they want something! At this age they are intently curious and love to explore. She may be pulling herself up and walking around furniture - and constantly bumping her head on corners!

She will start to be quite cooperative with getting dressed, holding out arms and legs etc. Language starts to become clearer (to you - I'm sure they know what they have been babbling about!) You'll hear baby beginning to try to say words and they understand much more than they can speak. She will also demonstrate her anger or frustration when things are not as she wants!

Baby Information: Ten - Twelve Months

  • Your baby still needs about 12 hours sleep per night (including naps during the day)
  • Your baby starts to respond to simple requests, i.e. give it to Mummy, clap hands etc.
  • By this age, your baby will show affection, she will snuggle in and hold her arms up for a cuddle.
  • Babies begin to respond to their name.
  • They will take objects and give them back, and often wave good bye.

What's next?

From new born baby to twelve months, what an exciting and sometimes exhausting time. And it just keeps getting better! (although I have a soft spot for the wee ones!) So what have you got in store for you in the next stage of development?

Your new born baby is now heading into the toddler years!
This article has lots of Tips, parenting advice and information to help you enjoy the next stage with your baby. Lots of fun now as your baby gets mobile!

Child Development
This page has links to other stages of Child Development, find out what to expect with school kids, or teenagers.

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Whenever I held my newborn baby in my arms, I used to think that what I said and did to him could have an influence not only on him but on all whom he met, not only for a day or a month or a year, but for all eternity - a very challenging and exciting thought for a mother.

Rose Kennedy

Inspired Parenting Tip
Play lots of peek-a-boo games so baby learns you are coming back.

Write a List all the things that you are worried about regarding leaving your baby. Then ask yourself what can you do to minimise your worry. Often it is the little things that nag away underneath and if you bring it into the open and work out what you can do to take care of it, it has less impact.

Make sure you are happy with Child Care arrangements.
Have routines in place so you can maximise the play time when you get home. If you are frantically running around doing washing and cooking meals you are not going to have much quality time with your baby.

Be clear with your partner who is responsible for household chores. If you can, pay someone, even once a fortnight, to clean. As parents, your time is much better spent playing with your baby. That is THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB YOU HAVE!!! (get the emphasis??)

When you know you have done all you can to take care of most of the worries, then you have to consciously practice letting go and reaching for feeling good about it all. Your feelings of worry or ambivalence with returning to work will create an energy of anxiety around your baby that will not help. Also you want to be feeling good about it all, so you can enjoy work AND being a Parent. Practice visualizing your baby with her carers, giggling and laughing and contented and happy. See yourself returning from work full of energy delighting in your little one.

Think outside the box for alternative options to going back to work, ie working from home if you are ambivalent about returning! I worked from home for most of my childrearing years, and most of those as a single parent. I did all sorts of things to create a flexible income, because I was determined to be home with the kids as much as possible. Sure there were times when it was a bit tight financially, but my daughter says she didn't realize we were poor so I must have done something right with prosperity consciousness!


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Ask Annie Your Parenting Questions

In Depth Parent Coaching Online.
Your Questions and my Answer become a page here on our website, so together we inspire and help other Parents.

Did you know there are 4.2 tiny miracles born every minute! And that's only the babies!

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