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I am looking for positive people to promote my Parenting Affiliate Programs.

Are You Looking For?

  • Family Affiliate Programs?
  • Education Affiliate Programs?
  • Parenting Affiliate Programs?
  • Joint Venture Promotions?
  • Product Development for Families or Parenting?
Then my products may be suitable for your subscribers.

Let me quickly introduce myself, I'm Annie Desantis, I'm the owner of this website, and all the programs for affiliates I develop are drawn from my many years experience as an Educator, Parent Coach, and Psychotherapist. You can read more about me on this site if you're curious. I have run thousands of highly successful courses, and am in the process of modifying and bringing them online.

Currently my best selling program is available for you to promote, and more are on their way once I get the support material available for you:
EFT 4 Kids: A Parent's Manual

My affiliates have access to me, not just automated software. If you have any questions or feedback about any of the programs I am very happy to talk with you.

I am running EFT 4 Kids via Clickbank, details below.

Please join our parenting affilate program newsletter (form on the right column) so I can keep you up to date with new products and other recommendations, promotions and ideas.

What's In It For YOU?

  • 50% Commission
  • More Products will be available shortly
  • Support and access to Annie Desantis, designer and expert behind the parenting affiliate programmes
  • Joint Venture Opportunities
  • Banners and Promotional Material

Promotional Support

If time permits I am happy to write an article for your site or blog as part of your promotion (not during a major launch though).

You are welcome to refer to articles on this site but please don't just copy my articles. Firstly the material here is copy-write protected, and secondly Search Engines will penalize your site for duplicate content. It would be MUCH better for you if I write a guest article, or you write one that leads into an introduction to EFT For Kids.

Many of my affiliates have also interviewed me via email and put up a Question and Answer page, which is a great way of presenting original content and pre-warms your visitors.

How Do I Join?

You need to registered with Clickbank first to get your clickbank hoplink.

Our Clickbank ID is loaparent

Clickbank will automatically generate the embedded hoplink for you, or you can follow the instructions on the EFT 4 Kids Affilate Support And Promotional Material

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

You will need to comply with Clickbank's Terms and Conditions in addition to my own.
  • A minimum 50% commission on all products
  • Clickbank handles all payouts automatically once you reach the threashold
  • Sales are made via PayPal
  • Refunds are handled by Clickbank, and I have never had a refund processed.
  • No misrepresentation of the material or of Annie Desantis

Any Questions?

Feel free to contact me anytime, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Parenting Affiliate Programs

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