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Hi, I'm Annie Desantis. I've worked for years with parents and organizations, coaching and mentoring. As a Parenting Coach, I specialize in Parent Counseling, Online Parenting Classes and Parenting Courses.

My Parenting Coach Style

My Coaching and Parent Counseling style is based on empowerment. Empowering you to tune in to your Spirit/Essence/God/The Universe/Higher Self - what ever you call the energy that is greater than your physical presense.

I draw on a wide range of methodologies from my extensive training and background, but the underlying principle is to empower parents to take total responsibility for creating the family life you want.

My Commitment To You
As A Parenting Coach

Coaching puts you in the driver's seat of your life - in all areas, not just as a parent. I am not here to judge or criticize you. I will challenge and support you to becoming all that you desire. As a Spiritual Life Coach/Parenting Coach, I see myself as the vision holder for you as you explore better ways of raising your children and living a joyful life.

In my practice as a Parenting Coach, the emphasis is on you and where you want to go. It is often useful to have someone to mentor, challenge, or teach you when feeling stuck in old ways of behaving. Sometimes just having a loving witness is the catalyst to tapping into your own inherent wisdom.

My Parenting Coach Commitments:

  • Client focused - coaching time is your time
  • Judgement free, unconditional acceptance
  • Honest, truthful and transparent in communications
  • Challenge you to stretch yourself beyond any self-imposed limitations
  • Empower you to focus on building strong, joyful family relationships
  • Offer you my skills and any processess that seem relevant to help you shift perspective
  • Teach you different ways of dealing with challenges
  • Hold on to your vision, even if you are doubting
  • Celebrate your achievements
  • Facilitate you uncovering your higher vision or your life's purpose
  • Clarify your values and beliefs
  • Develop a toolbox of techniques you can use when the going gets tough
  • Lovingly challenge you to confront your shadow or ego driven behaviours that are not serving your higher vision of yourself
  • Hold you accountable for decisions you make

Now, you may have noticed there was very little mention of children? My parent coaching style is based on the premise that your kids will flourish and grow when you flourish and grow.

I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to help you manage behavioural difficulties or relationship issues with your children or partner, but the bottom line is, the only person you can change is you! What you learn and explore with me will not only help you be a better parent, it will shape other areas of your life. The roles we play, parent, daughter, employee, sports player, are not who we are. You are far more than the roles you play.

Do I have all the answers? No! (Sorry if that disappoints you!) I don't believe a Parenting Coach or Counselor should telling you how to run your family or life! But I will use all my skills, intuition and training to help you uncover your own answers, and I have loads of tools you can learn that you can use to help all areas of your life work more effectively.

Click this link, if you want to find out a little more about me: Annie Desantis - Parenting Coach

What is the Process of Parenting Coaching?

I do individual sessions by telephone/skype or by email so I can work with people from all around the world. Telephone sessions are usually 1 hour. If you have worked with me before, I sometimes do 30 minute sessions with people who are well on track and just want to check in. I also offer an email package but we usually need to check in by telephone from time to time.

In the initial stages as a Parenting Coach, I email you with some questions and you will need to do some preparation prior to the first call, and email it back to me. This saves you money - instead of paying for a coaching call to start the basics off, we already hit the ground running. It also gives me time to tune in and be prepared for our sessions.

You will be required to do homework in between sessions. If you want to make changes you need to be prepared to try things out and evaluate them. I know as a parent, particularly if you are a working parent, time can be very precious. You need to look on your coaching time as one of the best investments for your life and family that you can make. You would find time to take your kids to the dentist, or make a trip to the supermarket. Honouring yourself and giving yourself the space to process new ideas or get lined up with your vision of yourself has to become a high priority. If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting the same results! Taking the time to try something different will be the catalyst for many changes. We work together to develop activities or strategies that are do-able. I won't be imposing 1,000 word essays on you!

I usually suggest we start with a series of 6 sessions and re-evaluate from there. It takes time and commitment to make life changes.

What Does Parenting Coaching Cost?

Individual sessions cost $135.00.

I am sorry I am no longer taking any more clients. I am still answering Parenting Questions here on our website for $50.00, follow the instructions on that page. You can also read the many many questions I have already answered to see the quality of my reply and get lots of ideas.

What Else Do I Offer?

I have some excellent programs available here at a very reasonable price to give you a HEAP of tools and ideas to help you in your parenting journey.

Problem Solving 4 Kids
7 Step Problem Solving Process

Teach your kids to be solution orientated, not a victim to their situation.

When they learn the skills and strategies of problem solving and creative thinking, they open up all sorts of other possibilities, along with gaining skills for life

Emotional Freedom Technique is a great tool to use with kids - or for stressed parents! It's a simple tool to use, based on meridians, similar to accupuncture. We tap out the destress or destructive behaviour and tap in what we want. Almost like magic!

My EFT 4 Kids Program has scripts, ideas, diagrams and a forum to share ideas.

You can read an overview of using Emotional Freedom Technique here:

EFT Tapping Points

Super Skills 4 Kids
Is our home study course designed to help kids set goals, envision the future they want, and achieve anything!

Super Skills 4 Kids is an extremely comprehensive program packed with tools, parenting advice, tips and comes with a bonus workbook.

I've had many parents say they use many of the techniques for themselves! Tip: My newsletter subscribers get a HUGE discount!

Wishing you well in your parenting journey,
Annie D :)


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Super Skills 4 Kids

As a Parent Coach, I love empowering and inspiring parents, but it is much more rewarding to see children learning skills that will set them up for life.
Annie Desantis


Thank you for all you have taught me, your support and encouragement has really helped me to be a better parent. You are such a compassionate, warm human being.

- Marie, Mother of Two

Dear Annie,
I'd just like to say thanks for all your help in the last few months. My relationship with my son has improved enormously. And I thought the problem was him!

- Rachael - Son 15yrs, Daughter 4yrs

Thank you for your supporting me in my attempts to learn new skills. You've increased my self- confidence enormously.

- Francis (NZ)

Your knowledge seems endless, thank you for sharing the past ten weeks with us. I will be able to put your knowledge to good use through out my life.

- Kerry, Mother of Richard age 7 and David age 3

Annie, I think you have very rare qualities of discernment. Your warmth and understanding has enabled me to question my behaviour as a parent. I am looking forward to practicing the skills you have taught over the last few weeks. Thank you.

- Heather M

Great Teacher!

- Carolyn Mother of three

My sincere and grateful thanks for you support and help in my quest to become the parent I've struggled to be. I couldn't believe what a difference it made, just trying out one of your processess. I don't always remember to put things into practice, but I am getting better all the time. I am enjoying being a Mum now!

- Marnie, Single Mother of Three

A wealth of creative ideas, and your empathy and responsiveness to what we needed made it safe to try out new behaviours with our children. And I have to say, it has helped our relationship too!

- Amy and Joe - Parents of three preschoolers

Annie, you are a sunbeam in so many people's lives. You are able to bring Joy and Caring where-ever you are, a true gift.

God Bless you, - Gina T


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Problem Solving 4 Kids E-book

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