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Hello to all our Inspiring New Moms!

Finally, Finally we have our next contest up and running! Yay!! Thank you for your patience, I know a few of you have asked me what happened!

I have been a bit snowed under and since my virtual assistant has not manifested yet (and the money to pay her/him!) - I have to do everything myself. So I apologise that there has been a rather long gap between contests.

So, the latest contest is Your Top 10 Parenting Tips! I want to know what inspires you as a parent, what words of wisdom have you read, what family tips do you use. You may have some favorite books that has been really helpful - what are the best tips out of them that you think would be helpful for other parents?

You have loads of wisdom in you, and we'd love to hear it - but you are welcome to talk about courses or books with some great tips. But no copy and paste! Your top 10 parenting tips needs to be in your own words, although a short quote is fine. If your ideas come from a book, tell us what it is.

Enter Your Top 10 Parenting Tips to be in to win a $50 Amazon gift voucher. You can enter as many times as you like.

Sorry, the contest is now over, but you are very welcome to continue to send in your top 10 Parenting tips, we'd love to read yours!

How Can I Help YOU?

I need to know what is most important to you, what are your biggest challenges as a parent, so I can give you the kind of support YOU would like.

Hardly anyone has answered my survey - I know you are really busy, but it will only take a couple of minutes. (thanks heaps to those who did!)


How can Inspired Parenting Tips Do better? What do you want help with? What are your biggest Challenges? Your feedback is important to me and will help me prioritise my services to you.

Thanks Heaps :)


Are You Unsinkable?

I know in many parts of the world people are doing it tough. We have got off pretty lightly downunder in Australia, but I know for many of you it may feel like you are in over your head.

Unsinkable by Sonia Ricotti Sonia Ricotti lost almost everything, her home, her relationship, and had a major health scare. She is not someone to sink when the going gets tough, and Sonia turned her life around.

She wants to make sure you never go through what she did, or if you are, you know how to quickly turn things around.

Sonia has just launched a brand new book that will show you or anyone you know going through tough times how to emerge victorious from almost any kind of personal disaster.

The book is titled "Unsinkable: How to Bounce Back Quickly when Life Knocks You Down."


Sonia has an incredible event happening shortly, some great free videos on how you or a loved one can bounce back from anything.

She is also interviewing 24 of the worlds leading coaches, mentors and visionaries to help you be an UNSINKABLE MOM!

The first video is from Bob Doyle: Has Life thrown you a curve ball? Here are some of what he shares with you in this powerful, yet short video:

  • What to do when like throws you one of those unexpected curve balls
  • Why it feels like you are doing everything right but everything is going wrong
  • The one thing you need to give up, to get back what you rightfully deserve
  • Plus more advanced ideas for getting rid of the fog that comes with challenges in life

Please note, You don't have to buy her book to get the videos and interviews. They are totally free.

Click here to check it out:


If life hasn't been what you would like, I'd highly recommend you get some inspiration to turn it around. I am always on the look out for people or books that motivate and inspire me, and even better when someone offers fantastic free resources I can just soak up!

Thanks Sonia!


Love Your Life Summit Starts Today!!

This free video event kicks off today with Lisa Nicholls (yay!!) and Lynne Twist on happiness and wellbeing. You can watch both Lisa Nichols and Lynne Twist right now as they explore the path to happiness and how to banish the nasty stuff that may be holding you back in your life.

There are targeted action steps to follow each day, along with powerful exercises to help you transform all areas of your life, health, wealth, relationships and more

These are all video sessions with some incredible experts like Jack Canfield, Jean Houston, Michael Beckwith, Marianne Williamson, and Dr. John Gray.

Plus there is a fabulous support system with other women just like you.

I am so looking forward to seeing Jean Houston and Marianne Williamson, and there are loads of other wonderful teachers.

Jump in quick, it started today!

Featured Book Review

by Lawrence J Cohen
Lawrence Cohen is a Master of Play! Play transforms relationships, opens up communication and is the most important way children learn.

This book will have you laughing, and creating ideas to turn conflict into fun. From toddlers to teenagers Lawrence suggests you use humor, practical jokes and making up stories and drama, as some of the ways to bond with your children, and lighten up!

Life wasn't meant to be such a struggle!

This book is one I HIGHLY recomend, he is funny, creative and inspiring, and so are his kids! You have got to read what he does with chewing gum!

Wishing you an awesome week,

with love and light,
Annie D :)

Featured Sponsor

Spiritual Cinema Circle
Movies with Heart
Are you a Movie Lover?
I know I am, but I get sick of the crashem bashem Hollywood blockbusters, and I sure restricted the kinds of movies I let my kids watch.

That is why I love the movies from Spiritual Cinema Circle. They say, more than any other time on our planet, there is an emergence of community consciousness and the latest selection of inspiring films are a celebration of the spirit of community.

The global human heart is opening WIDE. And the wider we open, the more connected to one another we feel.

The first of this months films is, Touch. A small act of compassion from a complete stranger comes just in time. The connection that is made between them in a matter of minutes turns out to be the light of hope that one of them needs to go on. Winner of the Grand Jury Award at the Florida Film Festival, this is one short film you won’t want to miss!

There are four films each month, and you get to keep them!

Spiritual Cinema Circle is the only film club of its kind. Every month you can expect to see films that have been handpicked from festivals all over the world — films you can’t see at your local cinema. These are special films that will make you feel good about life.

Guess what? You can even try them for FREE!!

parenting advice? Ask Annie

Featured Parenting Question

This poor family had an awful event that raised a number of questions. Their four year old son killed their Gerbil. That is something I know we all hope will never happen, but many of us can relate to a child that stepped on the cat, or teases the dog.

You can read about it here:
How To Handle A Child Killing A Pet

Our next question comes from India, and Radika wants to know how to help her three year old be more of an extrovert.

Read her question here:
Three Year Old Very Shy

What's your biggest challenge as a parent?

Ask Annie your Parenting Questions

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