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Hello from "Downunder",

I just love this time of year - as most of you are going into Summer, it is Winter here, but glorious crisp sunny days with blue skys and stunning autumn leaves. The seasons seem a bit confused this year though, we have spring bulbs flowering already, so I have yellow jonquils nestling in a vase of red autumn leaves! No idea what will happen in spring!

I have been reading books on love lately, and reflecting on how in our busy lives we can bring more love into our lives.

Parenting Newsletter on Love We get caught up in looking for love as something that someone else has to give us - we don't feel loved if our partner doesn't treat us well, or if we have had a fight or certainly not if we are in the midst of a separation or divorce.

When we are stressed or struggling to do everything required in our busy lives, we also don't project and feel love unless someone measures up. Your husband came home late, forgot to pickup the drycleaning, and you are left in the lurch for clothes for work tomorrow. It sure is pretty hard to feel loving! Or one of your children got a bad report from school, they are fighting in front of TV, and your favorite vase got smashed. How hard is it then to be in touch with that loving part of you?

I remember when I was a single parent, trying to succeed at University, fitting in clients, worried about money, and I totally lost it one afternoon when the kids were fighting and arguing. I was trying to cook dinner, a few days earlier I had chopped the top off my thumb, so was in pain, struggling with being a single Mom and having to do everything and it all just got too much.

It's funny now, but it sure wasn't at the time, but I got so angry I whacked the wooden spoon against the door frame (thank goodness not on one of my kids!). The wooden spoon broke, and horrified at loosing control, plus feeling overwhelmed and unhappy, I took off in the car down to the beach. My kids were old enough to be left, and I knew at the moment I needed to be by myself and face what was erupting. I probably shouldn't have driven, but once down the beach I cried and yelled and stomped and really let rip and rage against all the struggles I seemed to be up against.

I had paper and crayons among my workshop supplies in the car, and after I calmed down I took them and sat under a tree and drew - firstly drawings to expel the rest of my feelings, but then a drawing to help me heal. I remember then thinking what I need is ways to reconnect with my loving - that part of me that is simply pure love, my inner being, the Divine. We think we have to get that from outside us, or even a God that is outside us.

But we have within our being a well of infinite love that we can immerse ourselves in whenever we need to. Sometimes we just need to clear out the cr*p to be able to reconnect. I know as a single parent Super Mom (and most Moms are trying to be Super Mom) I was so busy proving I could cope, making sure the kids were OK and supporting them in their challenges - plus working as a therapist - I often forgot to take enough care of me. I didn't always make time to reconnect with my loving - not just the love for my kids, but that really deep soul place where everything is totally OK, nothing is judged, it is just pure powerful love energy.

We all need to make time to find that place inside. And we all have different ways to get there - for me it often requires a breakthrough or release of the head stuff or emotional stuff, and a comittment to do things that feed my soul. Music, art, nature, chanting and meditation are all ways that work for me some of the time. (not always!)

What works for you? How do you step aside from your busy life and get back in touch with your essence? What can you do this week that will help you to focus on loving you?

Our new newsletter format has a comments form at the bottom! I'd love to hear your thoughts or comments, or if you want to keep them private, please email me.


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I'd love to hear from you, any comments or thoughts use the form below.

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Have a Wonder-filled week,
Annie D :)

Comments? Questions? Ideas? Thoughts?

I'd love to hear from you!

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Thanks for reminding me of the ways to reconnect via music, art,and nature. I do yoga, meditating and journaling. I also, sometimes, get caught up in mind …

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