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Do Whatever Works: Parenting Tips For Busy Parents

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Greetings to all my wonderful subscribers all over the world :)

I have been having a lovely time lately with a friend who has just had a baby - their third, a tiny sister for their two boys. This is one busy Mom, all children are under school age so she has her hands full!

Apart from being able to have fun with the boys and get to cuddle a tiny baby, it has been great for me be involved in the reality of a busy family.

I sometimes think it is all very well for me to be dispensing parenting advice with the benefit of experience and training, but the reality for you Mom's out there, often coping with little sleep, not enough support and the demands of more than one child - brings is all home to me what a tough job this can be!

Of course it is wonderful, and so precious, but when I saw how busy Julia is, I can see it is very hard to find time to just stop and enjoy it all.

So here's a few parenting tips for busy busy Parents:

  • Keep food simple. Don't try to cook all the time, your kids will be fine with chunks of cheese, carrot sticks, pieces of apple, hard boiled eggs, bananas wrapped in whole grain bread, pieces torn off a supermarket cooked chicken.
  • Look after yourself - You MUST take every opportunity to feed yourself first, have a shower, get time out.
  • Get organized with a grab kit that you keep stocked with snacks, books, small exercise books and crayons or colored pencils. That way you can keep a toddler occupied while you feed baby.
  • Get set up so your older children can be independent - The more they try and learn to do things for themselves the better. Let them butter their own bread - it will keep them occupied for a while. You can put a limited amount of spreads in small dishes so they don't use the entire tub of butter! Yes they will make a mess, but they will be occupied for quite some time giving you time to sit and have a cup of tea or feed the baby.
  • Get micro help - ask your visitors to hang out the washing while you put the kettle on (better still get them to make the tea too!). Hand the baby to the person in the queue behind you while you pay for your groceries and lift the toddler into the trolley. I make it my mission every time I am in the supermarket to help a struggling Mom. Your baby or toddler will be safe, they are not going to run off with them, and most people are only too glad to help!
  • Ask your friends to cook a double meal once a week and give you a frozen portion.
  • Accept the mess - but try to have somewhere clear you can sit and take a few breaths, feed the baby, cuddle your toddler.
  • Prioritize - Good food and sleep will be your top priority for a while until you get more time available. If the kids are napping, you take a nap, or do something for yourself. The dust can wait. Don't run yourself ragged trying to get everything done while the kids are asleep. Do something for you, wash your hair, read a magazine.
  • Don't be a martyr - I know I drove myself crazy trying to get the house tidy before my husband came home, and he had no idea how to support me. Tell your husband what you need - he can bath the kids, cook dinner a couple of times a week, or fold the washing while he unwinds from his day.
  • Put a notice up on the door saying baby and Mom sleeping - no visitors - Or visitors only admitted with food and rubber gloves! When visitors do arrive, put your needs first, set a time limit from the beginning, and enforce it. "It's nearly nap time, so I'll have to ask you to limit your visit to 15 mins" "We'll be a bit more socialable when we get into some routines" If they are good friends or relatives, put them to work,or ask them to play with your toddlers. If they don't understand, then they are not supportive of you, and you simply do not have the energy right now for those kind of people in your life.
The bottom line is, each family has to find what works. When you are under pressure with the demands of a young family, it is only for a short time, it does get better as your children grow, I promise! In the short term, just be flexible and do what is most important, and ask for help. Whenever you can just stop and take three deep breaths and remember how much you love your little family. Exhausting though it is, this time goes incredibly fast and is so very special, squeeze as much joy out of it as possible.

Remember we have a wealth of tips over on our Top 10 Parenting Tips page. You can add your own to our collection.


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Have a fabulous week,
With Love, Annie D :)

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