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Looking forward to meeting you,
Annie Desantis

Parenting Newsletter

It's all about our powerful minds today, and I have some lovely lovely treats for you, that I only discovered this week!

I have been having such a wonderful time with Mandala's. The art of working with mandala's has been a spiritual practice used for centuries, and across cultures.

Mandala A mandala is often circular, may contain symbols or representations, and is a colorful, magical meditative process. Buddhist monks make the most amazing sand mandalas as part of their spiritual practice, and I have played around in various ways painting or drawing mandalas in my own life, and with children.

I was meditating the other day, simply looking at a mandala I had painted on my wall, and the thought popped into my head that it was time to play with mandala's again.

Then out of the blue in a technical email, was the link to a most wonderful site about mandala art by Steven Vrancken. AND, he has some free downloadable mandala's available on his site including a package for children!

Mandala Templates

I just LOVE it when the universe drops something into my lap like that! So, I just have to share it with you! You simply download the Mandala set, get out your colored pencils, put on some meditative music and start coloring. (actually Steven is also a musician, and you can download some music too!)

You can set an intention if you wish to focus on a particular issue that you want to resolve, or you can simply work away and let your mind enter the magic of the color and the symbols.

Color has always been very powerful for me, I sometimes sort beads as a way to unwind and slip into that light trance state, that is such a powerful way of allowing our unconscious mind to surface.

Our conscious mind is such a tiny part and yet it dominates our world. Taking the time to move into higher consciousness, or to open to our divine essence is such an important thing to do.

Many people find it hard to meditate, clearing the mind really is not often possible, you can simply let go the thoughts as they arise and re-focus on your breath, or a chant, or a visual object.

But Mandala coloring is a really easy way to focus and get into that meditative state, and is perfect for children!

Teaching our children to meditate or tune into their higher power is a wonderful thing to do. So instead of coloring cartoon characters, they can color the childrens mandalas!

Check it out, it is so much fun!

Mandala Templates

parenting advice? Ask Annie

Featured Parenting Question

This Mom is at her wit's end how to deal with a child that is getting more and more out of control.

Read my ideas and recommendations and please comment and offer your own support. This Mom needs some TLC!

What's your biggest challenge as a parent?
Ask Annie your Parenting Questions

Thanks to a wonderful creative spirit, Marney from Artellaland - the creative isles of words, art and spirit, we have a fantastic free gift for you!

Artella Land is one of the yummiest websites I have ever come across. Her creativity just leaps off the pages, and I just love getting her newsletter each month with creative inspiration and wise and wonderful pearls. Her little boy Kai often features in them and is a delight!

Download a FREE copy of the Artella eBook, Peace by Piece: Collage Your Way to Inner Peace and Harmony.

This workbook guides you through several collage projects, each one designed to bring you closer to your true self and your powerful ability for manifesting your dreams and desires.

Download your FREE copy here!

Thanks Marney!!

Parenting News Flash

Our new EFT 4 Kids program is out. This is a manual for parents to teach your kids how to use EFT to deal with fears or anxieties. You can either tap along with the child or even tap on them.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) is a simple tapping technique anyone can use for ANYTHING! Based on energy meridian points, similar to acupuncture, EFT is very easy to teach to children.

The Program comes with full instructions, a forum for additional support and a range of Tapping Scripts you can use with your kids.

You can even ask me for a free personalized script!

For more information visit EFT for Kids: A Parent's Manual

Have a Wonder-filled week,
Annie Desantis

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Featured Sponsor

Click N Kids would have to be one of my subscribers most popular programs, and from what they say, it is mostly because the kids have fun while they are learning. In fact they don't even realize they are learning! Click N kids are using the Looney Tune Characters now in their phonics program, which of course kids just love.

Featured Book Review

The Enlightened Mom

Terri Amos-Britt has just released her new book, plus 25 beautiful guided meditations: The Enlightened Mom: A Mother's Guide for Bringing Peace, Love & Light to Your Family's Life

To celebrate the launch this special book and meditation package comes with loads of bonus gifts - there are some stunning offers included.

I've had the pleasure of reviewing this heartfelt book for Mom's. It's not about how to be a better Mom, although if you take the journey Terri guides us through, you can't help but become a more authentic Mom who follows her own wisdom, listens to her inner child, and connects deeply with Spirit.

This book is packed with in depth processess for connecting to your higher wisdom, healing the inner child, and honoring yourself as a Mom. All Mother's should have a copy of this inspiring book!

The Enlightened Mom

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