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In response to the many emails I get asking parenting questions I am now providing online personal parenting advice here on our website.
Your Parenting Questions and my Answer become a page on our site so other parents can also be inspired.

I usually charge $135.00 for a 1 hour coaching session, so this is a great deal for you as I am only charging $50.00 here! It actually takes me a lot longer to write my answer and build a webpage, so take advantage of me, and ask your most burning parenting questions!

Scroll down the page to the form if you are ready to ask your question. Read other Parent's questions under the form.

I am currently in the process of grouping questions, so you will find more general questions at the bottom of this page. For age related questions visit these pages:

Ask or Read Questions About Parenting Toddlers

Understanding Teenagers: Ask or Read Parenting Questions About Teenagers

What kind of Parenting Questions?

Any kind of parenting question!
  • Want some inspiration as a parent?
  • Have you got parenting questions about discipline?
  • Need some ideas on how to bring out the best in your children?
  • Parenting help with behavior issues?
  • The challenge of a preschooler
  • Relating with Teenagers
  • Insight and feedback from an experienced parent coach.
  • Parenting advice with different ways of dealing with challenges.
  • Bedtime issues
  • Answers to parenting questions about child development.
  • Parenting tips and tricks to empower you as a parent.
  • Support as you learn good parenting skills.
  • How to be a more creative parent.
  • Want some parenting advice about how to use LOA principals with raising kids?
  • And even relationship issues - after all good parents need good communication with each other

Your parenting question becomes a page here on our site, and I answer via the comments. Other parents can read and comment also, so your question may generate some discussion and ideas other than mine. Your question may also provide inspiration for others who read it. Heaps of parents struggle with the same issues and gaining inspiration from others is a wonderful way of building your online community.

You can remain anonymous, no need to publish your real name, and I monitor comments so there is nothing unhelpful or irrelevant posted by others.

Links to other Parenting Questions and Answers are below the form. Please feel free to add your comments.

How do I ask my Parenting Question?

It's simple!

Step One
Fill out the form with your parenting question - if you need help with the form, click the question mark for additional help. It is helpful for me to get some background, and plenty of details, so I can tune in and provide a good quality answer. (Please note, only One question per submission)

When you are happy with your question click the Ask Annie button. To prevent spammers you will be asked to fill in a capture code.

You can preview and re-edit your question on the next page.

Step Two
First Preview your page/question and make any changes. Step Three Simply Click the Paypal button to pay your $50 by credit card (no Paypal account is necessary)

Next scroll down to the bottom and make sure you tick the notification box asking if you want to be notified when your page/question is uploaded and you have comments (my reply).

That way you know when I have answered your parenting question, and also when other parents make some comments.

I try to get all questions answered within 48 hours, but please be patient if I get a backlog.

Looking forward to being of service to you,
Annie D

Ask Annie
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Your questions answered personally by Parent Coach Annie Desantis for Only $50.00

The more detail you can give me with your question, the better quality answer I can give you.

Just remember this page is open to other parents to read, so you need to be aware this is not private. Your questions will be a great help for someone else, but to protect your privacy just use your first name.

I may also use your question (anonymously) to help teach other parents - for example, in an e-book or coaching class.

Step One
Write your question and click the Ask Annie Button
Step Two
Edit any changes you would like and enter your
email address so you are notified when the reply is posted. This is private I will never post or show your email address.
Step Three
Click the Paypal button on that page and pay your $50.00 either by credit card (you don't need a paypal account) or transfer using your paypal balance.
Step Four
I will answer your question as soon as I can. Usually a reply is posted within 48 hours. If I can't manage that I will contact you and let you know how long you may need to wait.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Parenting Questions - Answers by Parent Coach Annie Desantis

Click the links to read Parenting Questions from other parents - feel free to add your own comments, your thoughts will be helpful for other Moms and Dads.

My 4yr old (Nearly 5) Doesn't Seem Interested In Playing With Other Children 
Hi, For as long as I can remember my daughter has not been interested in playing with other kids. Ive done mother's group, swimming, playgroup and instead …

Terrible Tantrums With A 10 Year Old Boy 
Hi Annie, My son has been diagnosed with learning disability, Global Delay, speech delay, ADHD and currently epilepsy. I have no issue with all the diagnosis …

Helping A 5 Year Old Positively Direct His Desire To Be Physical 
Learning about LOA has helped me immensely, personally and as a parent. I greatly appreciate you sharing your inspiration. My 5 year old son has an amazing …

1st Grader Caught Searching Dirty Pictures Online 
Should I be concerned that my six year old son is curious enough about the female body/sex to search the internet for it? For the past few days he …

My Grandchild Is Intimidated By Her Father 
How can help my 1.3 baby granddaughter who is intimidated by her father. My daughter doesn't see the damages they cause this little angel. They don't …

Stressed Daughter With Little Brother Bothering Her 
Hello Annie, I have a 7 year old daughter who is very sensitive, and a very energetic son who is 5. Most of the time he is trying to bother her, hits …

Change In Behaviour 
My 12 year old sporty daughter has suddenly decided not to be involved in what have been her favourite activities at school - soccer and cross-country …

Naughty At School 
My 7 grade kid is naughty at school even though he is smart. Annie's Reply Hi Bassam, It is frustrating as a parent when our kids misbehave at …

Shy Reserved 7 Year Old 
Hello, I am currently very disturbed and worried for my 7 year old son. He is smart and intelligent and his teachers are proud of him. But he does …

Activities For Two & Four Year Old Kids 
Hi, Annie, it's Sarah again. Do you know of any free activities that I can get my 2 and 4 year old into outside of home? I really want my kids to …

My 4 Year Old Son Thinks It Is Funny To Touch Other Kid's Privates. 
My 4 year old son thinks that it is funny to touch others private parts and his own as well. It is constant and I do not know how to get him to stop.

4 Year Old Son Thinks It Is Funny Not To Listen To Mom 
When I ask my 4 year old son to stop doing something, he thinks it is funny and continues to do what I have nicely asked him not to do multiple times. …

My Three Year Old Daughter
A Born Leader, Not Bossy!
I have a three and (almost)a half year old daughter. She is awesome. Funny, sweet, smart, goofy, tough, and she has some real opinions about things. I …

Eight Month Baby Development Issue  
My baby is eight months old and has not started controlling his head due to some abnormalities, (bone abnormality). What can I do to help baby achieve …

My daughter was in a relationship with a nice young man, she was the most loveable child like we brought her up. After 5 years she suddenly broke up and …

My 8 Year Old Daughter Doesn't Want To Go To School 
Hi Annie, I use EFT and TAT for over 5 year on myself and my kids, but I can't find a solution to the problem that is described below. My daughter …

What Age Should A Baby Be Allowed To Stay Over With Dad? 
My daughter is in a situation and I need some answers. She was in a relationship for 9 years with her boyfriend and last year their baby boy was born. …

Our 2 Year Old Hurt A Gerbil At The Pet Store. Help!!! 
We just purchased a puppy at our local pet store and we brought her back in 2 weeks later to get her some more toys. We are a multi pet home - 3 cats and …

Frustrated Four Year Old 
Hello, I'm having trouble with my 4 year old boy, he gets frustrated about everything. When I want him to do something like cleaning his toys or room, …

Kindergarten Behavior Help! 
My name is Brandon, I am 26. I am a single Dad with joint custody. My son is 5 - he is my only child, but she has other children. He and started Kindergarten …

Does My Ten Month Old Baby Pee Enough? 
Ten Month Old And Pee Hi, My Ten month old baby boy hardly ever pees any more. He is having less than 4 wet diapers a day but is drinking as he usually …

Dramatic Behaviour Change In 4 Year Old Second Week Of School 
My son started nursery at aged 3 within a school. It was not a positive experience for him. He was toilet trained when going there but quickly started …

Stepmom to Mom! 
I have 2 stepchildren they are 6 and 4. They call me by my 1st name (Jill). Their mother does not want them calling me Mom! Now I am having a baby …

3 Year Old Boy Not Playing Well With Other Children 
My 3 year old boy takes a long time to mix with other children. When he goes to the garden he said "I fell down the stairs" , and he doesn't like to …

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Pocket Money  
My Readers Get A Free Copy Of Allowance Secrets Dear Annie You've provided an answer to me in the past that was very helpful, so now my boys are …

My Baby Prefers His Grandparents 
My baby is one year old. I went back to work since he was four month old. My son stays at home with my in laws and he doesn't have any type of attraction …

Baby Not Babbling At Six Months 
My six months old baby does not babble yet, but she does makes sounds that can be felt in throat (vibrating sounds). She sometimes shrieks and smiles a …

How To Avoid Saying NO With LOA Parenting 
Dear Annie I am a fully fledged believer and follower of LOA and thank the universe daily that I discovered it. I fully appreciate how positive thoughts …

Bad Behaviour 
Hi, I need some advice on my sons behaviour. He is 6 years old, and I feel like I am constantly nagging at him and don't get to enjoy any time I spend …

10 Year Old Daughter Totally Out Of Control With Temper Tantrums 
Got An Angry Kid? Parenting Spike: A Seriously Difficult Child I have a 10 year old daughter who throws temper tantrums regularly (about 3-4 per …

Nine Year Old Stressed With Homework 
My nine year old gets SO FLUSTERED if he can not get an answer right away...... I try to calm him before his brain shuts down but he gets so upset with …

Helping My 8 Year Old Son Not Be So Argumentative And Headstrong 
My son is 8 and seems to have a need to argue most things and feel like he is always right, getting the last word in. He many times ignores adult instruction …

Three Year Old Adjusting To A New Sibling 
Kaylee posted a message on Inspired Parenting Tips Facebook Page asking about her three year old son. She co-parents with his father who recently has …

Punishment For Children 
Hi, Many a times I have resorted to punishment (read as beating my child) either for misbehaviour or for being adamant. And after this act, I feel very …

How Can I Address Things Correctly So My Kids Will Listen? 
I have four children. My first daughter is 9, second daughter is 8, then a son who is 5 and another son who is 2. I am drained because I have to constantly …

Extreme Defiance In A 3 Year Old 
My 3 year old son, who made it through the ''terrible twos'' without throwing a single tantrum, seems to have suddenly turned into a different child. …

Self Pity In A 10 Year Old Girl 
My 10 year old daughter has a very prevalent self-pity complex that is steadily growing in her day to day life. She has several issues daily and I am at …

Disrespectful Four Year Old 
How do I get my four year old to listen and respect me? I can ask my son in the nicest way to do something as simple as getting dressed, go potty, …

How Do I Apply Law of Attraction To Parenting?  
Hi Annie, Thank you for this chance to get some help with this question! I've been learning about law of attraction from various online lectures- Sue …

My Child Does Not Seem To Want Me 
Hi Annie, I am a first time mother to an amazing 7 month baby girl and recently re-joined work full time. I love my work but had initially planned …

Myself and my hubby attachment parented our three year old son. He is such a lovely little fella so we now have baby boy number Two who we are also attachment …

When Is The Right Age To Tell A Child About Missing Dad? 
My Ex was so abusive, he threw me out at nine months pregnant and did not want anything to do with our son when he was born. I have brought up my son …

Childs Fear Of The Dentist And Anxiety About Teeth 
Annie, My 7 year old daughter has anxiety about going to the dentist. Thankfully it is only twice a year, but each visit is full of tears and extreme …

10 Year Old Tantrums 
Hi Annie. I have a 10 year old daughter. When she has good behavior she is the sweetest daughter. When she has bad behavior, I put her in time out. …

Daughter Will Not Let Me Brush Or Fix Her Hair 
Every morning before school, my daughter fights me on her hair. I will fix it and then she will take it out and look like a ragamuffin and then cry for …

Children With Low Self Esteem 
How do you change the thinking of children that have always been told that they were ugly, fat, stupid. Now they have a very low self esteem about themselves …

5 Year Old Mind Games 
I really enjoy your site and the wonderful advice you give. I'm writing because I need help with my 5 year old daughter. I'm not sure if the steps …

Can You Counsel Me About Husband And Wife Issues? 
Dear Annie Can I ask some questions related to husband and wife issues? I am asking this since this is a site related to kids issues. Reply from …

Bath Time Temper Tantrums 
My son is 34 months old and his name is Matthew. The temper tantrums start at night time. About 8 o'clock I get his bath water ready and tell him that …

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Parental Consistency 
I come from a very happy family, my father was very successful but always spent time with us. He was very relaxed. My mother was the law. My husband …

My 8 Year Old Daughter Wants To Run Away When Disciplined  
Hi Annie I have a very loving kind daughter who is 8 years old. She was battling with school but is very smart so we are homeschooling her now. Lately …

Shared Custody For An 8 Month Old? 
My daughter is 8 months old. I have been separated from her father for six weeks and although he has 100% financially taken care of her, I have been her …

Curious Girls 
My 6 year old daughter and her best friend also a six year old girl got caught in the swimming pool with one of them having her bathing suit bottoms pulled …

The Stress level In Here Is Stifling Everyone! 
Annie, I thought I would start with background, and get to the question. When I met my wife, she was still with but separated from her husband. This was …

Sexual Curiosity At The Age of Six ? Isn't This A Little Soon? 
I discovered last night by accident that my Six year old daughter had decided to use her own Digital Kid Zoom Camera to take not only Nude Photos front …

Family Feud  
Hi Annie, I'm currently in need of some help! I had my baby five months ago and since then my partners family have turned extremely negative and nasty …

Sticky Fingers 
For a period of several weeks, maybe every other day, my 5 year old daughter has been showing us a new 'reward' she's received from her Pre-K classroom's …

How To Cope With Negative In-Laws 
Dear Annie, Hi, I have had a fall out with my in-laws, after they told me they did not care if I miscarried the baby I am carrying at the moment, due …

Biological Mother Very Hard To Deal With 
My husband and I are dealing with a malicious Mother (ex-wife) who wants me, the Step-mom, really to have as little interaction with their daughter as …

How Do I Handle My 4 yr Old Son Killing Our Gerbil? 
My 7 year daughter purchased a pair of gerbils with money she had saved last week. We are a multi pet household and both of our children have been raised …

Social Inhibition - 3 Year Old Boy 
My son is three years old and he is very introverted. He is very open at our house but in front of others he is very shy. When he was eight or nine …

Three Year Old Boy At Daycare 
I'm a mother of a 3 year old boy who will turn 4 in November and I am really frustrated because every time I go and pick him up from the daycare the caregivers …

Learning Difficulties In Children 
My 12 year old daughter can't tell the time properly. Could she have learning problems, as her SATS results are also below average? Annie's Reply …

Angry Child - Mum At Her Wits End! 
Got An Angry Child? Hi, I am extremely concerned about my 7 yr old son. He has developed such a bad temper lately and screams and shouts at me and …

Bedroom Privacy For Siblings 
My daughter is 11 and my son is 5. They share the same room with the exception of sleeping time. My daughter sleeps in the bedroom and my son on the couch. …

Law Of Attraction Parenting Advice 
Hi Annie, I resonate most strongly with the teachings of Abraham through Esther Hicks. So I am aware that a lot of my issues are centered around being …

My 1 Year Old Baby Not Urinating 
Dear Annie, My 1 year old son has not peed for 3-4 hours. He has a cold and behaviour is normal. I have given him water to drink too. Annie's …

Adopted Children Have To Adapt To Drastically Different Rules 
Dear Annie, I was widowed and have raised my twin daughters, age 11, since they were a few months old. I have a parenting style that works well, with …

Is My Child Just Willful, Or Does Her Behavior Point To A Bigger Issue? 
Hi Annie, it's Sarah. I really wanted to get your input on something Angie's preschool teacher said to me last week. As I have mentioned before, my 4-year …

My Ten Year Old Daughter 
Dear Annie, I have 4 kids 10,8,7,and 4 years old. The three older kids are girls and the youngest is the boy. I have been having problems with my …

Baby Not Peeing Normally 
Hi, My 9 month old is drinking lots but she isn't peeing a lot. Normally it always very wet when I change her. She has a cold and cough but I don't …

Mom Has To Be The Entertainer! 
Hi, I was wondering do you have any tips, my baby boy Max is 5 months old, and he is only happy if me or my partner are in his face playing or he is being …

Long Distance Parenting - Reconnecting With Young Family 
How can a 61 year old Canadian husband and Dad, with a 30 year old Filipino Wife and 3 girls, all under 4 yrs old, reconnect quicker? My wife, Dina …

Baby Crying When Left 
Hi My baby boy is four months old, and whenever he is left alone he cries. When he is picked up he is fine. We have started giving him solids and he …

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11 month old baby 
Hi Annie, I'm a new dad and my son Elias is eleven months old. I was wondering how much tummy and crawling time should he have a day. Also what is …

My child has problems being nice to other kids. He tells them bad things, and I don't know why he does that. I want him to be able to talk to me but …

Which Educational Toy Is Best? 
Hi Annie, I am Deepanwita. I want to ask you which type of educational toy could be the best for children? Is a calculator and an Abacus one …

8 year old boy getting into trouble at school 
Hi Annie, My son is 8 and in 2nd grade. Last year was pretty good for him, but so far this year I have received several notes and emails home from …

How Do I Not Become My Father? 
I have come to realize that my temper and patience is that of my father. He was a hit now, no questions later, kind of dad. As a mom I find myself …

Raising Children In A Divided Household 
I am having a hard time keeping my children focused and on task when my spouse is doing things that I say that it is not okay for them to do. Such …

Dealing With A Middle Child 
My 12 year old daughter is now dealing with being the middle child. I have always gone overboard trying to satisfy this child but she still feels like …

My 8 year old son refuses to eat dinner. 
My 8 year old son absolutely refuses to eat dinner. He has never eaten red meat, and consequently he is very low in iron, but he does have boundless energy …

Spouse Disagrees With My Discipline  
Is it okay for your spouse to interrupt you while you are disciplining your child? Is it okay for them to interrupt to tell you what you are doing …

Autism, AD/HD Socialization Question 
Hi Annie, My son is 12 yrs in age and about 8-9 yrs in maturity age. He has mild autism and more severe AD/HD and has not been able to make a friend …

Teaching Respect, Not Compliance 
Dear Annie, I have two daughters, ages 5 and 2, and am wanting to parent in a way that allows them to be their authentic self and not "good girls" that …

Parenting The Second Time Around 
How can I effectively help my 14 year old grand child accept the fact that she will not be parented by her mother ever. We love each other but there …

I Have Some Questions About Dealing With Sensitive Issues As Children Grow Up. 
I really want to ask you about introducing the sensitive issue of sex to our children. I noticed on this site that you mention that it is important to …

What About Competition? 
I was wondering about competition. We are not a sports oriented family so this is not really the issue. We are going to start the Un-schooling approach …

My 7 Year Old Is Ruling My Household 
Hi there, I have a 7 year old daughter, whose father and I broke up when she was 1 and 1/2. She has no contact with him at all, but when she was 2 I …

Too Many Parenting Changes
I Had A Melt-Down Today. HELP!
Hello again. I am so new to all of this. I have only really come to understand and grow in Law Of Attraction over the past 4 or 5 months. I first came …

My 8 year old daughter wants to run around without clothes! 
My 8 year old daughter wants to go around without any clothes. We are at odds about it. When we were doing traditional parenting, we just flat out told …

LOA Parenting vs Traditional Parenting 
I am just about 5 months young with LOA, but really been doing for a lifetime, only in the form of faith-filled prayers. It is really cool to so …

How do I Encourage My Granddaughter to Thank People Spontaneously? 
I have a delightful 6 year old granddaughter who is generally well behaved and well mannered. The problem is that when she has been out to someone's …

What to do about in-laws and other fear based relatives? :)  
Hi Annie, My in-laws and some other relatives are so negative and it scares me to hear them talk about the world and life. I can listen to them and …

Angry 3 year old who hits, yells and talks back 
Hi, I have an intelligent, sensitive and very active little boy. He is also very fiery, stubborn and aggressive. He is very quick to anger and will …

Emotional Personality Child 
Hi, I have a 7 year old boy who was adopted (something not as common in my country). He is a very sensitive and protective kid that does not follow …

Kids Dealing With Divorce 
I would love to see more about kids dealing with divorce and how we can help them with their feelings. My grandsons, 2 1/2 and 5 have an absent father …

8 month old baby not sleeping through the night 
Hi Annie My 8 month old daughter is not sleeping through the night and I am most often suffering from sleep deprivation. Having moved house 4 months …

My child is being bullied at school, how can I help him to see that if he can change the way he expects to feel when he goes to school he can have a very …

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Physical aggression in toddler aged 5 
There is some kind of physical aggression every day - mainly my 5yo towards other members of the family. I do not parent conventionally - do not use shouting, …

Sibling Fighting 
I have a set of 10 year old boy/girl twins. I consider myself quite fortunate as, outside of this issue, things are pretty good. They do well in school, …

Kindergarten Preschool Dilemna 
It seems no-one wants children to be free. My kindergarten child is at a school and many things are contrasting for us both. I am starting to think …

Make My Kid A Positive Kid 
Hi Annie, I just began to read about the Law of Attraction and I being follow the steps in order to make sure I live a happy and health life and the …

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Thank you for all you have taught me, your support and encouragement has really helped me to be a better parent. You are such a compassionate, warm human being.

- Marie, Mother of Two

Dear Annie,
I'd just like to say thanks for all your help in the last few months. My relationship with my son has improved enormously. And I thought the problem was him!

- Rachael - Son 15yrs, Daughter 4yrs

Thank you for your supporting me in my attempts to learn new skills. You've increased my self- confidence enormously.

- Francis (NZ)

Your knowledge seems endless, thank you for sharing the past ten weeks with us. I will be able to put your knowledge to good use through out my life.

- Kerry, Mother of Richard age 7 and David age 3

Annie, I think you have very rare qualities of discernment. Your warmth and understanding has enabled me to question my behaviour as a parent. I am looking forward to practicing the skills you have taught over the last few weeks. Thank you.

- Heather M

Great Teacher!

- Carolyn Mother of three

My sincere and grateful thanks for you support and help in my quest to become the parent I've struggled to be. I couldn't believe what a difference it made, just trying out one of your processess. I don't always remember to put things into practice, but I am getting better all the time. I am enjoying being a Mum now!

- Marnie, Single Mother of Three

A wealth of creative ideas, and your empathy and responsiveness to what we needed made it safe to try out new behaviours with our children. And I have to say, it has helped our relationship too!

- Amy and Joe - Parents of three preschoolers

Annie, you are a sunbeam in so many people's lives. You are able to bring Joy and Caring where-ever you are, a true gift.

God Bless you, - Gina T


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