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One of the best parenting tips we can offer, is play kids games! I've designed a series of inspirational free family games to help and inspire you to raise happy, productive kids, who are excited about life on this beautiful little planet!

Playing Kids Games The more fun we have with our kids, the healthier our relationship will be with them. Kids learn through play - actually adults learn better through play too! And parents often underestimate the value and power of playing.

As parents we all want our kids to grow up happy, productive, and excited about life. But all too often we get a bit bogged down in the nuts and bolts of everyday life.

One of the best ways we can reconnect with our children, and with the child within us, is to play fun family games together. When you play kid games, then you are much more likely to be in the moment, to be laughing, to be stress free.

Parenting Games With A Purpose

The Free Family Games series I have designed have a bigger purpose than just increasing the amount of joy in your family. When you play kids games with a purpose, then you are using play, humour and creativity to intentionally uplift and create a bigger family vision.

You can use parenting games as a tool to explore family dynamics, to change the way the family habitually relates.

Many of these fun family games, help to build beliefs and dreams. Wouldn't it be wonderful if children's beliefs were shaped predominantly by positive and uplifting input?

Kids will always have challenges and difficulties to work through, and parenting isn't always a walk in the park. But in my experience as a coach, therapist and educator, I have seen over and over, that the children or adults that are taught to be resourceful, or taught to find choices are far more likely to handle life's little hiccups without buckling. When you play kids games you are learning through play and it is a very powerful tool for creating better options and choices.

So, You Get To Play Kids Games!

Play Kid Games

I've designed a set of Fun Family Games (totally free!) to help and inspire you in several ways:

  • Firstly, YOU! By getting you to focus deliberately on instigating great activities and playing kids games with your family you automatically start shifting energy. You uplift, not only yourself, but you have a huge impact on the family
  • You are modeling to your children, conscious creation practices that help you to focus on creating more joy in your world. Children learn far more from what you do than by what you say!
  • Playing kids games are also processess they can use to increase self esteem, to dream build, to appreciate their world.
  • Families that play fun games together, stay together! The more positive experiences you have together as a family, the more you strengthen your family unit. Spending quality time together keeps those lines of communication open.
  • By playing these parenting games, you are creating a flow on effect, not just in your family, but in your community. The more joy you create in your family, the more you create a better world!
  • You are also linking in with the energy and intention of hundreds of other families who are also playing kids games at the same time as you!

Most of the Parenting Games are fairly simple, and don't require a lot of preparation or time. Or else, the preparation time is an activity in itself.

How Do I Get My Free Family Games?

Each week for six weeks, I will send you a new Parenting Game.
Then it is up to you to put it into practice!
Play kid Games

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As a Bonus you will also get our Inspired Parents Newsletter, with heaps more tips and ideas to help you be an Inspired Parent.

Because I need to be sure a real person, not a spambot is signing up using your email address, you will get a confirmation email, so make sure you click the confirmation link to receive your free family games.

I'd love to hear back from you - tell me the stories of what you did, how it worked, what games your kids enjoyed.

Have you noticed any flow on effect on the family since you started to play kids games with a deliberate focus?

Most Importantly, Have Fun With Your Kids!
Annie Desantis

I cover more about the impact when you play kids games in our Super Skills 4 Kids program

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Free Parenting Games

One of the best Parenting Tips we can offer is:

Play spelled with blocks

Our Parenting Games Series are designed to support you to be an Inspirational Parent.

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.



Thank you for all you have taught me, your support and encouragement has really helped me to be a better parent. You are such a compassionate, warm human being.

- Marie, Mother of Two

Dear Annie,
I'd just like to say thanks for all your help in the last few months. My relationship with my son has improved enormously. And I thought the problem was him!

- Rachael - Son 15yrs, Daughter 4yrs

Thank you for your supporting me in my attempts to learn new skills. You've increased my self- confidence enormously.

- Francis (NZ)

Your knowledge seems endless, thank you for sharing the past ten weeks with us. I will be able to put your knowledge to good use through out my life.

- Kerry, Mother of Richard age 7 and David age 3

Annie, I think you have very rare qualities of discernment. Your warmth and understanding has enabled me to question my behaviour as a parent. I am looking forward to practicing the skills you have taught over the last few weeks. Thank you.

- Heather M

Great Teacher!

- Carolyn Mother of three

My sincere and grateful thanks for you support and help in my quest to become the parent I've struggled to be. I couldn't believe what a difference it made, just trying out one of your processess. I don't always remember to put things into practice, but I am getting better all the time. I am enjoying being a Mum now!

- Marnie, Single Mother of Three

A wealth of creative ideas, and your empathy and responsiveness to what we needed made it safe to try out new behaviours with our children. And I have to say, it has helped our relationship too!

- Amy and Joe - Parents of three preschoolers

Annie, you are a sunbeam in so many people's lives. You are able to bring Joy and Caring where-ever you are, a true gift.

God Bless you, - Gina T


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