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Positive Affirmations For Kids

When we deliberately use positive affirmations for kids, we are powerfully influencing their belief system.

Affirmations for children have the effect of filling them up with powerful self belief and confidence. If a child is struggling with confidence in some area, we can use the power of affirmation to build their self esteem, and give them a tool to help solve problems.

Positive Affirmations For Kids You can teach your family about the power of positive affirmations for kids. An affirmation is simply a positive power statement that you can use in a variety of ways. Affirmations need to be in the present, as if they already have achieved their goal, and of course they must be positive.

There are also lots of ways of making affirmations work more effectively by combining a number of ideas. As a parent, we can say affirmations for children, and use Mom Power to help build a healthy self esteem! Far better than undermining their self esteem with criticism!

You can include it in their lunch box and whisper it before they go to bed. The more they see, hear, say and feel it, the more powerful it becomes.

Affirmations For Children As A Mantra

Having a little mantra of positive affirmations they can chant before they go into a potentially stressful situation can be really empowering.

Nathan was in high school and got incredibly stressed out before an exam. Building a vision of himself as confident and well prepared made a huge difference to his pre-exam nerves. He started using positive affirmations for kids and developed a funny little mantra for himself that went: "My brain is a powerhouse, this test is dead easy".

Little kids love rhyming affirmations for children, such as:

  • Lovely Lisa likes ...
  • Muscleman Mike can ride his new bike
  • Tina Tina the amazing ballerina.
  • Superman Sam is an I CAN do Man.

Making it a practice to use daily affirmations, creates powerful positive habits. Another very powerful way of making affirmations work, is having the child say their affirmation in the mirror. You can write it on the mirror - this idea works really well for teenagers, who tend to spend a fair amount of time in front of the mirror!

What Is The Most Powerful Way Of Using Affirmations For Children?

Combine your positive affirmations for kids with EFT! What is EFT? Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping, is a simple system of tapping on special accupuncture points with the tips of our fingers. It is easy to learn, and kids master it very fast. We first tap to clear out the negative ideas or limiting beliefs, and then tap in a powerful affirmation.

This would have to be one of the most powerful tools I teach families, and it is so simple! And of course, parents can use it to clear any issues themselves.

To make it easy for parents I have developed an EFT for Kids Manual.

Parents to help their kids use EFT and the power of affirmations to achieve success in areas that they are struggling. The manual comes with step by step instructions, diagrams, scripts you can use and adapt, AND extra coaching on our forum. And of course, all my products come with a 100% guarantee.

Positive Affirmations For Kids
Post It Notes and Cards

I have little cards and rainbow coloured post it notes all over my house. My toilet is covered in powerful affirmations or messages I find inspiring. This means my subconscious is being programmed bit by bit. I make sure I change them or move them around so I become more conscious of them, or make a point to read one, stop and breathe it in.

When my kids had friends stay over they used to take ages in the toilet! We even had a basket with little cards and a pen so they could write their own affirmations for children.

We also used a box of affirmations at table like a kind of grace. Before we started dinner, one person would randomly choose a card from the box and read it out. Many of these powerful little affirmations the kids wrote themselves.

You can have a lot of fun using positive affirmations for kids, make it a game, stick little notes on each other, have a chanting session together all saying each other's affirmation.

Bridging Affirmations

If a child is really struggling with something that seems a long way out of reach, you can use positive bridging affirmations for kids. For Example:
  • I am learning to . . .
  • I am getting better at . . .
  • I am practicing . . .
  • Every Day I get better at . . .
And of course that is where EFT Tapping for kids works brilliantly, you can tap out their doubts and low self belief, and build up with bridging affirmations, moving on to more powerful positive affirmations for kids.

Have fun with using affirmations for children, lets face it the more positive input and influence we have with our kids, the more successful and happy they are!

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Ask Annie
Do you have questions about using affirmations for children? You can submit a question online, and your question and my answer become a page on our site to inspire and help other parents.

More about using EFT with kids There are several articles on Emotional Freedom Technique which of course utilizes the power of affirmations.

Louise Hay Find out about the Grandmother of Affirmations - one of my early inspirational teachers. She has also written a lovely book teaching children how to use affirmations.

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Affirming words from moms and dads are like light switches. Speak a word of affirmation at the right moment in a child's life and it's like lighting up a whole roomful of possibilities.

Gary Smalley


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