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Add A Rocket To Your Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations can be far far more powerful if we combine visualization and affirmations. Let's explore the secrets of creative visualization and other powerful tools, and you will blast yourself to a whole new level!

Most of our beliefs have been built layer by layer unconsciously. Usually driven by whether or not our basic needs have been met, and then our emotional reactions and decisions as a result of that. Then we reinforce those beliefs by the stories we constantly tell ourselves, and the decisions we make as a result of our life's experience.

Positive affirmations on their own can eventually work to make some changes to those belief systems, but it is far more powerful to combine them with other tools. Even if we get the wording, totally positive and present, those positive affirmation statements, are predominantly in the conscious mind.

In a previous article on affirmations I talked about a client, Julie. As a tiny child Julie was always told to shut up. She never felt respected or heard, and so had constantly reinforced the belief that she isn't respected - and had to yell very loudly to be heard!

Using affirmations and clearing techniques was a powerful way to help heal her inner child. She had great difficultly feeling what it would be like to be respected and listened to, but when we found other things that she felt good about herself, she was able to overlay that into her vision.

Visualization and Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations and Visualisation Visualization is basically creating for yourself a little mind movie using the imagery and inner pictures that evoke an emotional response in you. By attaching positive affirmations to the mind movie you are reinforcing the new belief. Manifesting what you want, only happens when you are vibrationally lined up with it. So you have to get clear from the limiting beliefs that hold you back.

The Secrets of Creative Visualization

Combining visualization and affirmations is the first secret of creative visualization, so you are already creating a powerful vibration. The rocket to send it all off, is to add powerful positive emotions to the mix. The more you can feel yourself the way you want to be, the more power you are attaching to the positive affirmations.

If you are finding it hard to feel into the future, then think of a time you did feel really good about yourself (You can do this with your kids too) and overlay that feeling into your visualization and positive affirmations.

You can also use these techniques with your children. Kids are great at imagining a positive future - they don't have so many years of reinforced beliefs! Say your daughter is worried about a test at school, come up with several simple clear positive affirmations to start:

  • It is easy for me to focus and remember all that I learn
  • I always do well in exams
  • I relax and recall information easily.
  • Tests are fun!

Then get her to create an image or series of images seeing herself writing happily and with the answers just flowing out of her.

Creating Vision Boards

A vision board is a very powerful way to use affirmations and visualization. By creating a visual representation of or goals and dreams, and include our affirmations on it, we are subconsciously re-programing our brain every time we see our vision boards.

Vision Boards Kids absolutely love creating vision boards, and it can be a wonderful family activity. You gather lots of magazines, colored paper, stickers, felt pens etc, and some big poster size pieces of card.

Then spend an evening together cutting out inspiring pictures that represent your goals or a family vision. Glue them down on the poster, and write the affirmations or power words around the pictures. A photo of yourself is a really good thing to add too.

Then I would recommend each child, and of course Mom and Dad, take a turn at talking about their vision board, claiming the positive affirmations and the rest of the family can add energy and power to it.

Put the posters up on the wall somewhere where you will see them every day, and then stop and take a minute to really imagine and visualize all the components of your vision board. Remember to add the rocket of power positive emotion!

Create You Own Mind Movie

The most powerful way of all to combine positive affirmations and visualization PLUS powerful positive emotion, is to create a mind movie!

A mind movie is a video, using imagery, music, positive affirmations, which can flash across the screen in many different ways.

The more senses you engage, and the more you can tap into your unconscious mind, the more powerful your creative visualizations will be. Having something that engages you on all levels has so much more impact.

Now of course, you can't just make it and then expect it to work magically all by itself! The other secrets of creative visualization, is repetition! If you watch your mind movie every day, you will get much faster results. Our thoughts create our reality, whether we’re conscious of doing it or not, and most of the day we are wandering through life with millions of thoughts buzzing through our heads. And guess what? Most of them are negative junk!

If you start the day with your mind movie, you are setting up a brilliant intention for the day. Then I would also recommend you watch it last thing at night. You then programing your unconscious mind with positive affirmations and visions of what you want to achieve. Just make sure you don't go and read a novel afterwards! Your mind movie should be the last thing you watch, so your unconscious mind is focused on your vision.

Mind movies work really well with teenagers. Kids in general really respond to technology, and using something they already relate to, to help them focus on a successful test, or doing really well in the school debate, is so empowering.

You can create a mind movie yourself using powerpoint, your favorite music and photos and positive affirmations etc, but I use vision board software, which makes it so much simpler. The one I use is from the people at Orange Peel Software, and comes with heaps of tools and applications that are just brilliant.

You can also read about how I use vision board software with kids to create their mind movies, it's a fantastic tool kids just love!

Have fun creating vision boards, using visualization and affirmations with your family, and watch those goals skyrocket!

Secrets of Creative Visualization - Create a Vision Board

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