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Super Skills 4 Kids FAQ

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Any Questions about Super Skills 4 Kids?

If you don't see your question answered below then feel free to ask anything about using Super Skills 4 Kids.

Super Skills 4 Kids Questions Answered

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Suitable For Teenagers? 
Annie, Does your book have advice for teenagers? My daughters are 12 and 14, so I am not sure if it would be suitable.

Child Behaves Badly In Public 
My child is very badly behaved in social situations, to the point where we don't like going out with him. Will Super Skills For Kids help him be more …

Daughter Hates Public Speaking 
Hi, My 14 year old daughter has to give a speech at the end of the year as part of her course requirements, but she is terrified of getting up in public …

I'm Not A Teacher, How Hard Is It For Parents? 
You obviously have a lot of training and understanding of working with children. I'm not a teacher or even have much schooling. Would I be able to use …

Can Your Course Be Used In High School? 
I'm a High School teacher, and I want a process to help my students deal with peer pressure, will your course be useful? I know of another teacher who …

Keeping Up With Older Brother 
My son is desperate to be like his bigger brothers, and do the things they do. He finds it incredibly frustrating not to be able to keep up, or ride …

Child Being Bullied 
My child is being bullied at school - could your course help him? I'm at my wits end, he doesn't want me to talk to the school about it, or confront the …

Will Super Skills Help My Child To Be Better Behaved? 
My boy is constantly arguing and fighting and I would like him to learn how to be more cooperative. Will your course help?

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Super Skills 4 Kids Home Study Course
Super Skills 4 Kids Home Study Course

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