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Super Skills 4 Kids

Tools For Life

I love empowering and inspiring parents, but it is much more rewarding to see children learning skills that will set them up for life.

Do You Worry Your Child Is Not Reaching Their Potential?

Do Your Kids Stress Out When Under Pressure?

Are You Concerned Your Child's Coping Skills Are Poor?

Is Your Child Being Bullied? Behaving Badly? Timid or Shy?

Annie Desantis Dear Parents and Teachers,

Guiding our children through life can be both wonderful and a little daunting. Let's face it, we all want confident, successful, self assured young people, but it's not always easy.

When my kids were young, I was often frustrated with how to help my kids deal with difficult situations at school, or how to help them cope better when they were under stress.

I wanted to find ways that helped my kids deal with meltdowns better, or deal with difficult situations.

I wanted my children to be self reliant and creatively solve problems.

Like Lots of Moms, I'm a champion fixer-upper! But "Mom To The Rescue" doesn't teach our kids to trust in their own resources or learn to problem solve.

Would You Like Your Child To Have Strategies To Deal With Issues Constructively?

Your Child CAN be independent and creatively solve problems.

You CAN Inspire Your Child To Achieve Their Dreams

Your Child CAN build internal resources that help them to cope successfully, instead of having a meltdown.

Anisa Aven Annie, what a fantastic resource you've created. As a speaker and author myself I'm impressed with the quality of Super Skills 4 Kids.

However, as a mom, I'm more than impressed, I'm excited. I love how easy you've made it to empower our children and support positive change. With other books/programs, I resent having to sift through long-winded chapters just to find that one useful nugget. I devoured your book and workbook and can't wait to share our successes.

Your insights and practical steps have encouraged me to implement new structures at home that I know will produce outstanding results - and that's something priceless.

I highly recommend Super Skills 4 Kids!
In fact, I think every parent/caregiver deserves to have the peace in their home that your methods can bring.
Well done!

Anisa Aven

Super Skills 4 Kids Home Study Course Super Skills 4 Kids evolved out of my years as a Parent and Professional developing tools that worked to inspire my own Kids, and the Children and Parents I worked with as an Educator and Psychotherapist.

I have a background in Psychology, Early Childhood Education, and have worked extensively with parents and organizations, teaching and coaching for many years.

I am very excited to finally be able to make this valuable course available online, as a home-study course, so more parents and teachers can access these tools.

When my daughter was at University, she was shocked at the number of young people who just didn't have the strategies for success, let alone dealing with stress.

The problem solving skills, goal setting and vision building she learnt as a child, have given her the confidence and strategies to handle a $90,000,000 budget, and manage and develop staff for a huge luggage chain. (You can probably tell how proud I am of her!)

At first I thought this course was for little kids, but I learnt stuff that helped me pass my exams with good marks, and I didn't have the usual stress. Even my mates commented that I cruised through this year.

Nathan ~ Aged 15

Skills For Life

Super Skills 4 Kids teaches you as the parent or teacher, to work with the child to breakdown their problem or goal into pieces they can work on - no matter how big the dream, or overwhelming the problem - therefore you are giving children skills for life.

Along the way we build in celebrations and rewards, and I have developed a toolbox that helps build resources in a child that they can take with them into adulthood.

Many parents tell me, they learned just as much on this course as the kids!

What Kinds of Issues Would Super Skills 4 Kids Be Useful For?

Really anything! BUT, with one proviso - it MUST be child centered. The child (or class if you are a teacher) must choose the issue or skill they want to work on. If you want a course that teaches compliance and behavior modification then sorry, this is NOT for you.

The child has to want a different outcome, but lets face it, most children don't want to be naughty, they just have not learned how to get the attention they need constructively.

These are some of the issues or skills where we have successfully used Super Skills 4 Kids

  • How to handle being bullied
  • Learning NOT to be a bully
  • Making friends
  • Learning to ride a bike, or skateboard tricks
  • Competing in sports events
  • Giving speeches
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Asking for what you want instead of whining or sulking
  • Negotiating
  • Classroom problem solving
  • Teenage peer pressure issues
  • Learning co-operation and sharing - win/win
Hi Annie,

I have two boys aged 8 and 11 and we started using Super Skills with the younger child who was being bullied at school. Because we were all involved in the process, my older boy decided he wanted to go through it too, and his goal was to get into the higher grade football team. Both boys have a completely different attitude now, or at least if they start to feel negative and down on themselves, I have noticed they both have little things they do that start to turn it around.

I wish something like this had been around when I was at school!

~ Carole

Problem Solving For Kids

When children learn skills of problem solving, they feel better about themselves. So when their self esteem soars, so their behavior improves.

I have worked with many so called difficult kids, and in most cases, getting positive input and skills to get a better outcome, made a huge difference in the child's behavior.

Many behavior problems are perfect for Super Skills 4 Kids. Kids don't misbehave just for the sake of annoying you! It is just that their needs are in conflict with yours.

Many times children don't actually have the skills to transition from one activity to another, or to master what is expected of them. If problem behavior is re-framed to be simply a skill the child has yet to learn, then you take the emphasis off failure or bad behavior and the child is more empowered to gain control.

Rhonda Ryder Annie, I have seen many courses for parents and kids that focus on how to help build self-reliant young adults and help parents and teachers develop the skills they need to raise their kids with confidence - and I am so impressed with your Super Skills 4 Kids.

I have always been a fan of your work because you care so deeply and your expertise is clearly evident in your programs. This program is no exception.

I would recommend the Super Skills 4 Kids homestudy course and companion workbook to any parent or teacher.

If you have the chance to learn from Annie about parenting and how to empower kids of ANY age, don't hesitate!

Rhonda Ryder
http://www.Happier Kids

Long Term Benefits of Super Skills 4 Kids

It is not just that the child has mastered the skill they wanted to learn, they have learnt a whole lot of other processes along the way that are incredibly valuable: They have skills and tools they can take through into adulthood, and many Parents have reported how useful they find them also!

Long Term Benefits:

  • The child will have identified what they need to learn, or want to change.
  • Children learn to think creatively and understand the power of collective energy and ideas.
  • They have learnt to look for solutions, not feel bad about problems.
  • Kids learn to chunk problems down to manageable tasks.
  • They will have tried new behaviors, practiced, and persevered until they reached their goal.
  • The child will start to tap into higher/inner resources and guidance.
  • They have learnt to ask for what they need in ways that are more likely to succeed.
  • Children learn to re-assess and re-plan, there is no such thing as failure
  • Children develop great self esteem, learning to believe in themselves and possibilities.
  • They learn to visualize their dreams and goals and have ways to add power to them.
  • Kids set up support networks and get positive feedback from others
  • Great family bonding and cementing positive relationships

Families and classes that have implemented Super Skills 4 Kids form a very close bond, build positive inspiring relationships, and have good strategies to solve problems.

Super Skills 4 Kids is one of the most comprehensive programs on goal setting and problem solving for children.

Even if a child doesn't go through the entire program, there are so many tools and resources covered in the course that the child will be empowered to learn the skills they need.

What Do You Get With Super Skills 4 Kids?

  • Down-loadable home study (or classroom) course with over 60 pages of step by step instructions.
  • Case Studies to illustrate processess and give examples
  • Additional resource links
  • Bonus Workbook - over 50 pages (see below)
  • Access to the Super Skills 4 Kids Peer Support Forum AND extra support from Annie
  • Extra Bonuses (see below)

The thing I liked best about Super Skills 4 Kids, is my parents started listening to me and I stopped getting so mad.

Trent ~ aged 10

Get Your Copy of Super Skills 4 Kids Now!

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Your Super Skills 4 Kids program includes:

  • Down-loadable home study (or classroom) course with over 60 pages of step by step instructions.
  • Case Studies to illustrate processess and give examples
  • Additional resource links
  • Bonus Workbook - over 50 pages of additional help, ideas and support to ensure your child has a successful outcome.
  • Free Access to the Super Skills 4 Kids Peer Support Forum - share ideas, celebrate achievements, get feedback and support
  • Extra Bonuses (see below)
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Normally $59.95

NOW ONLY $39.95!

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Extra Bonuses From Annie Desantis

Free ebook: Manifesto For Inspired Parents Manifesto For Inspired Parents: Vol.1: How To Raise Happy Inspirational Children

This e-book, has over 50 inspirational tips for raising children. Written in collaboration with Doctor Donna Hamilton these tips are grouped, according to activity aim, and with a developmental stage appropriate guide. There are activities and tips for all age groups.

Parent Coaching Audio
Connected Parents =
Connected Kids:
MP3 Parent Coaching Audio

If you are tired and frazzled and running on empty, you are not teaching your kids to stay connected to their own inner wisdom.

This audio coaching topic discusses the importance of parents staying connected, and finding ways to check in and figure out what is really important. Parents who model to their kids the importance of getting yourself back in sync are empowering their kids to trust their own intuition and giving them the skills to get back in touch with their essence.

Free ebook Top Parenting Tips Inspirational Parenting Tips

In this 28 page e-book, you will find lots of in depth ideas and information to support you in the wonderful job you are doing. Raising children is the most important and challenging job there is, and our kids are the future of this wonderful little blue planet.

The book covers topics such as The Importance of Listening, which includes a Sibling Conflict Resolution Process; tips for Re-energizing and De-stressing Your Family; and Creative Ways of Bringing more Harmony and Joy into Parenting.

Money Back Guarantee

Goal Setting for Children Guarantee Obviously every child and issue is different, and each family or teacher implements the course to suit. So I can't make any absolute claims of success. However I offer an unconditional Money-back guarantee with Super Skills 4 Kids.

Try it, see if there are tools that are useful and if you can't find anything in this home study course of value (and I would be most surprised!) then I am happy to totally refund your money.

So you have nothing to loose except some time invested in working with your child. And we all know time spent encouraging and inspiring a child is NEVER wasted.

I'd love to hear how you go with your child (or class), so pop on back and share your story on our forum.

Wishing you Joy,
Annie Desantis

Give Your Child A Head Start In Life!

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Super Skills 4 Kids
Home Study Course

Goal Setting for Kids: Super Skills 4 Kids Girl


Many of these children are featured in the Super Skills 4 Kids case studies.
I can play excited, gentler. Kids like playing with me now. I could have my birthday party at McDonalds.

Jon ~ Aged 4

I can stand up in class and do show and tell. Before I would cry or get too sick to go to school.

Chloe ~ aged 6

The best thing about Super Skills, is it got Mum off my back! She had to learn as much as me, and now I am responsible for getting to school on time.

Donna ~ aged 16

Nobody bullies me now. I stopped going to school before I learnt Super Skills. It was hard to go back but nobody can make me cry now.

Arnie ~ aged 8

The thing I liked best about Super Skills 4 Kids, is my parents started listening to me and I stopped getting so mad.

Trent ~ aged 10

My teacher uses Super Skills in the class and now we all get along much better. We have Super Skills Mastermind groups which helps us to find answers to problems. My best friend is in my group, but I learnt from people I didn't know before.

Ellie ~ aged 11

I thought I'd never learn to ride my bike and I used to get so mad. My brother teased me. But when we learnt Super Skills he helped me instead. Now he sometimes lets me ride with him.

Thanh ~ aged 7


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Ray Lincoln
Annie Desantis, is an experienced and effective psychotherapist, and has created a powerful program for the development of children's skills, setting them up to become successful adults.

Based on the parent taking a positive view of their child and of parenting, it provides help where parents and children need it most. Parenting is all about the child and not all about the parent, a fact most parents have to struggle with in the heat of the most complex task in our universe, that of successfully raising children.

Super Skills 4 Kids empowers parents as well as children to solve their issues and positively address problems, and it does so with skill and practical knowledge that comes from the trenches.

Super Skills 4 Kids provides a set of directions and skills and takes you systematically through the resolution and learning process. Fresh ideas fill its pages. It does not skip the essential in creating respect in a home and understanding.

I whole heartedly recommend its wealth of insight and practical usable format for all parents. It will surely bring success to the most difficult parenting and child-learning issues.

Dr Ray W.Lincoln
Author, International Speaker, Professional Life Coach:
http://www.Ray W

Parent's and Teacher's

Dear Annie,

Super Skills 4 Kids has given our family a set of tools to work through anything. Our eldest son sailed through his exams at the end of the year without his usual stressful drama. And we use many of the tools as a family to focus on our goals.

~ Rosie, Mother of Two

Hi Annie,

As a teacher, I have used many programs over the years to deal with difficult behavior in the classroom, with mixed results. I used Super Skills for Kids in small groups in my grade 6 class, and we had a focus on friendship. Wow! What a transformation. These kids now work so well together, and have also taught some of the ideas to children in other classes.

Many kids can see how they can use the process to apply to other issues, which is really learning for life.

I would highly recommend this program to parents or teachers.

~ Gary
Grade 6 Teacher
West Ulverstone Primary

Super Skills 4 Kids
Special Offer

Goal Setting for Children: Girl Achieving her Goals

To Whom It May Concern,

I first used the Super Skills course as I wanted my daughter to deal with family communicating better. I had just remarried and her behaviour was causing a terrible strain on my relationship with my new husband.

However, having gone through the whole course, I realised we all needed to build something positive, rather than put all the blame on her. We actually used the processess as a family to focus on good communication and also build in more fun.

I truly believe Super Skills gave us the foundation to build a wonderful family life. Blended families are not an easy thing, but my daughter now has built a relationship with my new husband that is getting closer all the time. Of course there are still family arguments sometimes, but we now feel we have some help in keeping things on track.

Gratefully Yours,
~ Grace M

We found Super Skills 4 Kids a bit overwhelming at first. There was so much information and exercises to do I just felt it was too much for kids to do. But like in the course, once we started breaking it down, it became easier. And I also realised not everything was applicable to the things we wanted to work on. So we just used the parts that made sense for us. Then I found later some of the other tools made a lot of sense to use with helping my children overcome other problems.

I'm really glad we persisted, but even if we hadn't done the whole thing, I reckon we still got a lot out of it all.

~ June and Robert Reedy

Great Teacher! Great Course!

~ Carolyn, Mother of three

Super Skills 4 Kids
Special Offer

Goal Setting for Kids: Super Skills 4 Kids Boy
From my research, one of the problems that is prevalent nowadays amongst teenagers is internet bullying. Teenagers spend a large amount of their time online, connecting via social media.

Super Skills 4 Kids is the perfect resource to help these teenagers identify solutions for issues such as cyber bullying. In fact, it is appropriate for children of any age including adults. It is set out in an easy to read and understand manner, and is very well organized. It breaks complex task into small doable bits which makes them easy to handle and not so overwhelming.

Most importantly, it emphasizes on teaching children the skills to think for themselves on how to deal with their problems instead of the parents stepping in to solve the issues for them.

I would recommend Super Skills 4 Kids to any parents or teachers who are looking for resources to help and guide their children to have an enjoyable and thriving life.

Ting Lee

P.O. Box 239 Devonport Tasmania 7310 Australia

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