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The Magic finger by Roald Dahl

by Shamara Cassanova
(Tottenham, North London)

The magic finger is also another good book to read.

The story is based on an eight year old girl, who has a finger, which is rather magical but does she use it to do good things or not?

Well she uses to do things rather bad but to her the reason why she did it was to teach the person a lesson. She taught two lessons by using her finger to zap them. She would zap them by getting red in the face and pointing at them.
Her first lesson was zapping her teacher. The reason for her zapping her teacher was because her teacher told her to stand up and spell the word ‘cat’ and she spelt it as ‘k-a-t’, which was wrong. Her teacher then commanded for her to stand in the corner but she didn’t want to, so she got red in the face and pointed directly at her teacher. When she pointed at her teacher suddenly her teacher started to grow whiskers, bigger and longer than a cat, out of her face. Her teacher also grew a huge bushy tail.

Her second lesson was a big lesson which took place on her next door neighbour, a family called the Greggs, which was made up of an eight year old boy called Philip, an 11 year old boy called William and their parents, Mr and Mrs Gregg. Their lesson occurred because Mr Gregg and his two little sons would go out every Saturday morning to shoot birds. All three of them owned their own gun. Most of the time the girl would either visit them before or after they would set off hunting and try and either persuade Mr Gregg or Philip to stop shooting birds, but they refused to listen. So the girl chose to take action but decided to try once more but on her last try Mr Gregg told her to go home and mind her own business, which made her really angry so she got red and pointed straight at the Greggs family and sadly they were zapped, even Mrs Gregg, who hadn’t done anything. Their punishment was that whenever they would go hunting the birds would play tricks on them and that Mr and Mrs Gregg started to grow wings and became shorter. The punishment that was laid upon Mr and Mrs Gregg was also laid upon their children, Philip and William.

But will the Greggs be able to turn back to normal or will they stay like how they are?
You’ll never know until you read the book.

Comments for The Magic finger by Roald Dahl

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Great Book!
by: Annie Desantis

Thanks Shamara,

Awesome review - and I totally agree, I love Roald Dahl books too!

all the best,
Annie D :)

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